Design Center


Our Design Center is outfitted with our favorite finishes, details and luxury items for our clients to see and experience first hand. Our space provides inspiration for our clients in areas where they may want to upgrade, but it also showcases the high standard of finishes that are included with the home. The design process can sometimes be overwhelming so our private, central location is a relaxing atmosphere where clients begin designing their dream home.

Stacey Crum is the exclusive designer for New Legacy Homes. She grew up in South Tampa and graduated from Florida State University. Stacey started her own design company in 2013 and has been designing homes with New Legacy since 2016. Working on a custom home is especially exciting because we really get to tailor the selections to the wants and needs of the client.

“We really get to dig into the way they live in and enjoy their home as a family. This gives me an opportunity to recommend elements and features that work specifically for that client. If the client enjoys entertaining, we may incorporate a beverage station or bar into the kitchen, breakfast nook or bonus room. If we are working with a large family, we may pay extra special attention to the mudroom, or laundry room so that those are functional hubs to streamline daily processes and storage solutions. Working one on one with the customer gives us an opportunity to make some personalized design decisions that we may not if designing for the masses. I love incorporating each homeowners individual design style and giving little nods to it throughout the home.”

Most buyers usually have a personal style and an idea of the atmosphere they want their home to have. The client may have a tile selection or colors that they love but they aren’t sure how to work it into the house. During the design sessions, Stacey works to incorporate fun, specialized design elements while keeping the design cohesive throughout the home.

The New Legacy Homes office and design center has been outfitted by secure pro who provides the home automation in our homes. Having this equipment installed in our space gives our clients and us the ability to be more hands on during the selection process. We truly want the home buying and building process to be one our homeowners enjoy and look forward to.