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3 Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

The best energy efficiency tips are the ones that last over a long period of time. They are part of the long-term decisions that you make. The best home energy saving tip is to think long term and do your research. Don’t forget that a higher investment in energy saving now will save you more…

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How to Build an Energy Efficient Home

Next year, new housing production will increase to over 57,000 projects. How many of those will be energy-efficient homes? Are you thinking about building an energy efficient home? Which companies provide the most energy-efficient home design? Are there any companies that are strictly involved in energy-efficient home construction? What are the characteristics of the most energy-efficient homes? Do…

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7 Key Questions to Ask When Building a Home

Around seven in ten millennials don’t think they’ll ever be able to afford their own home. However, buying an already built home is not the only choice. You could build a custom home yourself. If you’re considering building a custom house, you may have a few questions to ask before you get started. You don’t want to rush into anything…

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