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4 Important Eco-Friendly Tips for Homeowners in Florida

Did you know that Tampa broke its daily record of 95 degrees Fahrenheit set in 1935 recently in July 2021 by reaching 97 degrees? This might be a one-off thing, but considering how Tampa keeps on getting hotter and hotter each year, it could have something to do with the health of the environment. What is one…

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6 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Move to Florida

Did you know that nearly 1000 people move to Florida every single day?! Most of them are coming from northern states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. If you have dreamt about living in Florida all your life, what are you waiting for? It’s the best time to move to Florida. Keep reading to learn why planning…

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7 Kitchen Design Tips for Your Custom Home in Florida

One of the many amazing things about creating your own custom Florida home is that you can plan every last detail and create your dream living space. One of the rooms in which this prospect is particularly exciting is, of course, the kitchen. The kitchen is a very specific space about which every household has very specific…

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