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The Do’s and Dont’s of Building a Home in Florida

Did you know that the Florida home building market is worth $7 billion today? Choosing to invest in the Florida housing market is a smart move for 2022. By building a house in Florida, you’re putting your foot on the ladder of a thriving and active real estate ladder Before building a home in Tampa Bay, Florida,…

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What to Consider Before Moving to Florida

In 2021, several people left their home states to live in Florida. Many of them came from California and New York where high taxes and rising crime rates are making residents more and more uncomfortable and frustrated. There are so many benefits to Florida living, and it’s understandable that many people would want to live in the…

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7 Florida Home Trends to Consider When Building

Zillow named Tampa the top housing market in the nation going into 2022. The growing amount of jobs and the high demand for housing have made it a very desirable area. Are you looking to live in the Tampa Bay area? How can you build one of the beautiful Florida homes that you see when driving around?…

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