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How to Find an Energy Efficient New Home Builder

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Did you know that building an energy-efficient home can save you money? Many people think that making your home energy efficient will break the bank or require a lot of extra, unneeded work. That is not the case! Taking the steps to ensure that your new home is energy efficient can significantly lower your monthly expenses. Not…

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How to Go Green in Your New Home

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Do you have the goal of being more eco-friendly in your new home? A new home means fresh beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to start taking measures to be more environmentally friendly at home. For some tips on how to go green at home, keep reading. In this guide, we will give you…

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Which Energy Efficient Appliance Do I Have to Have in My New Home

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Your average homeowner today is often more sensitive about environmental issues such as their total carbon footprint. It’s one of the reasons why solar systems gained so much popularity in recent years. Of course, not everyone can afford a solar system or go all in an Energy Star rated home. While the energy-efficient home building…

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