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Why Are More People Buying a New Construction Home in Tampa?

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Are you considering building a brand new home in Tampa, Florida? If so, you aren’t alone! An estimated 1.739 million homes will be built throughout the United States this year.  Although existing home sales are popular in Tampa, there is an increasing number of buyers deciding to build their dream home. What is driving more…

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5 Benefits of an Energy Star Home

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There’s no better award for high-quality work than a gold star. That’s why the government runs the ENERGY STAR program. More than 2.2 million homes and apartments have ENERGY STAR certification. An ENERGY STAR home meets high standards for efficiency, achieving twenty percent improvements on average. Yet many people don’t know how beneficial a certified…

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How Do I Choose a Custom Home Builder?

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A custom home builder will build less than 10 homes a year. This gives them time to ensure they build a home that the homeowner will be satisfied with. If you’re in the process of building your dream home, the first thing you need to do is find a builder that’s going to bring all…

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