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What’s Considered a Luxurious Home in Today’s Real Estate Market?

a nice home representing luxury

The most expensive home sold in 2019 was a Manhattan penthouse. It’s selling price? It went for $240 million dollars! What does today’s real estate market consider a luxurious home? There’s no doubt the 24,000 square-foot penthouse was a luxury home with its Central Park location. Keep reading for the elements that comprise today’s luxurious homes…

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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Build a Home

a builder helmet over floor plan papers representing construction

A current shortage of residential property in the US means that more and more Americans will have to build homes in the near future. So, what’s the best time to build a home? Many traditionally felt that summer was best due to the favorable weather conditions. However, more and more people are now choosing to start building…

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Creating a More Environmentally Friendly Home

solar panels on home

With the growing concern of climate change looming on the horizon, it’s never been more important to be conscious of your carbon footprint. There are a number of ways you can reduce your impact on the environment. For instance, from switching to reusable bags to opting for an electric car. Perhaps the most positive way…

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