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What’s Considered a Luxurious Home in Today’s Real Estate Market?

The most expensive home sold in 2019 was a Manhattan penthouse. It’s selling price? It went for $240 million dollars! What does today’s real estate market consider a luxurious home?

There’s no doubt the 24,000 square-foot penthouse was a luxury home with its Central Park location.

Keep reading for the elements that comprise today’s luxurious homes for discerning buyers. 

Understanding Luxury

The term “luxury” is often overused when it comes to real estate. A high price tag doesn’t always translate into luxury though most million-dollar homes are luxurious. 

In some markets, even a low-end home costs close to a million dollars while in others a low-end home is only $50,000. 

An apartment is sometimes more luxurious than a huge mansion. Defining luxury isn’t easy but there are some things that set a luxury home apart.

The following elements make a home truly look and feel luxurious. 

An Exceptional Kitchen

A kitchen is often a gathering place, no matter the size of the home. A luxurious home often has a kitchen big enough for lots of people to gather comfortably. Most luxury homes come with big kitchen islands and counter-top seating along with space for a table.

A modern luxury kitchen has upgraded Energy Star-certified stoves, refrigerators, and microwave ovens. These appliances are energy efficient, saving money and resources. 

Look for LED lightbulbs and beautiful decorative switches. 

A Plush Bedroom

A bedroom in a luxury home has an adjacent reading room or office. Look for huge walk-in closets and dressing rooms. 

Closets have ample display racks for shoes and purses. Another luxurious feature for a walk-in closet is a vanity with a seat. You’ll also find well-placed lights.  

You should find USB outlets located throughout the living spaces. 

Extraordinary Bathrooms

A high-end luxury home includes extraordinary bathrooms with most bedrooms including an en-suite bathroom. Look for separate showers with spa-like tubs. 

A luxurious bathroom includes exceptional lighting and high-end fixtures. Look for heated floors and towel racks. Steam showers and saunas are also common luxury features. 

Gyms and Media Rooms

Most luxury homes come with a gym or media room or both. Gyms come with professional-grade workout equipment. An indoor lap pool is another sign of a high-end luxury home.

A media room has comfortable cinema-style seating with a big screen and network-connected systems. 

Look for smart home technology throughout the house. 

Outdoor Living 

Luxurious homes integrate indoor and outdoor living with phenomenal outdoor rooms. You’ll find full outdoor kitchens and living spaces with built-in televisions. 

Outdoor pools, spas, and tennis courts are all commonalities of high-end luxury living spaces. 

Luxurious Home Features

Luxurious home features distinguish high-end luxury homes from other types of homes. Luxury homes include exceptional kitchens with energy-efficient appliances. 

Look for spa-like bathrooms with soaking tubs and separate showers. Features such as heated floors and towel racks are distinguishing features of luxury homes.

Bedrooms include large walk-in closets with space for shoes, purses, and other accessories. 

Gyms, media rooms, and smart-home technology throughout the home are other signs of a luxury home. Don’t forget to check the outdoor spaces. Luxury home builders excel at integrating indoor and outdoor living. 

Are you in the market for a luxurious high-end home? We’re to help you!