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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Build a Home

A current shortage of residential property in the US means that more and more Americans will have to build homes in the near future. So, what’s the best time to build a home?

Many traditionally felt that summer was best due to the favorable weather conditions. However, more and more people are now choosing to start building their homes in spring.

Read on as we explain the benefits of building a home in spring.


The best weather conditions for homebuilding are dry, cool ones. Rain, in particular, is the enemy of progress on a newly started building project. Cold ground is also very difficult to work with, which is why home building does not usually start in winter.

While the summer months are the driest, they can be too hot for building, especially in Florida. Productivity can be reduced on particularly hot days purely because it is too difficult for workmen to do intense physical labor outdoors.

In late spring, rainfall will have lessened and the ground will have thawed. While rain can be more plentiful than in summer, building conditions are still more favorable overall.


During winter, crews will charge more for their services, daylight becomes very limited, and some tasks become impossible. Therefore, it’s better to avoid working in the winter where you can.

If you start building in late spring rather than summer, you reduce the risk of the project continuing into November or December.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Summer remains the most popular time to start homebuilding. If you look for a contractor to work on your project during summer months, your chances of finding a good one will be lessened considerably.

That means that if you plan to start building in June, delays in finding a contractor might leave you starting in July or August.

If you try to secure the services of a contractor in February or March, however, you will have a better selection. You’ll also be less likely to encounter significant delays.


When you start a building project in spring, the days will start to get longer as you work. If your project is well underway by April, you’ll be operating at full capacity in the long days of June and July.

On the other hand, if you only start in June or July, important tasks will have to be completed in the shorter days of September and October.


As the old saying goes, man plans and God laughs. No matter how well you plan out your building project, something major could go wrong. This is particularly true of houses with custom features, as these can be tricky to execute.

When you start building in spring, you have more time to adjust to these kinds of hiccups.

To Build a Home in Spring: Why It’s the Right Choice

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about the spring. If you’re going to build a home, spring is usually the best time to do it.

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