Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Sitting On Floor Looking Up While Dreaming Their New Home And Furnishing

6 Beautiful Home Features You Should Have

Did you know that there were around 2 million first-time homebuyers in 2018? Continue reading to learn 6 home features…

Whether this is your first home or your third, you want the best home features. Nothing says home like the little details in your home that make life more enjoyable.

The perfect home can come in any shape and size nowadays. With a little planning, you can take advantage of the best home features available.

Below we have several of the best new home features and simple ways to incorporate these elements in your home design.

6 Home Features:

Fantastic Flooring

Hardwood flooring, one of our most popular new homes ideas, is easy to incorporate into your custom home.

You can choose from maple, walnut, oak, and more. You can also try engineered hardwood, which is more durable and resistant to moisture.

If you don’t like waking up to chilly mornings, consider heated flooring.

Energy-Saving Home Features

Save time and energy with new homes features that are eco-friendly.

Energy star-certified homes have better windows and insulation, keeping you comfortable in any weather.

As for external house features, exterior solar lighting can save you money in the long run. Solar thermal panels capture heat energy more effectively than older solar panels.


Your kitchen and bath will shine with the latest appliances!

Stainless steel streamlines the look of any kitchen and looks good with varying color schemes.

Try a large buffet adjacent to your oven. This will be a great spot to open a bottle of wine with loved ones in celebration of your new home.

If you are like the most stylish of buyers, go for a full bathroom suite on the first floor. A second full-bath can also add value to your home.

A freestanding soaking tub is a great piece for your master bath (as opposed to grounded tubs).

Flexible Utility Spaces

A garage that doubles as storage space? A laundry/mudroom combo on the main level? These are what dreams are made of.

Make extra room for cabinets. Put in a window or skylight.

Feel free to put your laundry room on the main level. Use decorative tile that is easy to clean, like off-white with black accents.

Closet Space

Ask any couple who has had to negotiate closet space: more is better.

Closet space should be on every new home features checklist.

His-and-hers closets give each partner their own space to work with. You can add built-in shelving, cabinets, even seating for trying on all of those shoes!

Outdoor Living Space

Don’t forget exterior lighting. Lighting shows off your wonderful home design and makes your home feel safer, too.

Consider planting a few trees in your yard. Trees add serious value to your space and can provide shade in the summertime.

Make Your Dream Home A Reality

Don’t wait to start designing your new home. While you may be worried about how the details come together, the right expertise will simplify the process.

Contact us for more on the latest in home design and home features. We’re ready to help make your dream home a reality!