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3 Unexpected Benefits of Owning a Home in South Tampa

representing South Tampa

There’s nothing that South Tampa doesn’t have to offer. From it’s rooftop lounges to relaxing spa resorts, South Tampa has it all. While South Tampa is home to family attractions such as amusement parks, aquariums, and local zoos, it also has a lively nightlife where you can kick back and relax as you enjoy five-star…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a HVAC

HVAC controller

A financial expert came out and said that the best temperature to keep your home at, even in the summer, was 78 degrees. Clearly, that person is always cold, because, for most of us, the idea of keeping our HVAC systems at almost eighty degrees is unheard of – especially in Florida. We don’t know…

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Here’s What Really Matters in Energy Star Refrigerators

There are different tips you can follow to reduce your refrigerator’s energy cost. For example, you should keep liquids inside your ref covered to reduce moisture. This is because too much moisture makes your fridge’s compressor work harder, which means it will consume more energy. Another tip is to set the right temperature (i.e., between…

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