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Custom Built Homes Florida: Signs That You Are Ready for One

South Tampa has the world’s longest, continuous sidewalk. But that’s probably not the reason you decided to make it your home. Maybe it’s the unique look and feel of this historic district. Or did the great restaurants and quaint boutique shops factor into your decision? Chances are your move to South Tampa has a lot more to do with…

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How to Design a Custom Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

Imagine this: you’re standing in your dream home. The ceilings are the perfect height, and the colors bring you happiness. The kitchen has all of the space you could want, and everyone in your household has their own space. Sounds too good to be true. But, it’s not. If you want the home of your…

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Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Tampa

Tampa is the hottest place to move to in Florida, especially for 30-40 something Millenials. We’re not just saying that; according to a list by Abbie Martin Greenbaum, Tampa is the 4th most popular city among that age set. And while that’s great for the economy, it’s causing a strain on the existing housing market.…

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