Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Tampa

Tampa is the hottest place to move to in Florida, especially for 30-40 something Millenials. We’re not just saying that; according to a list by Abbie Martin Greenbaum, Tampa is the 4th most popular city among that age set.

And while that’s great for the economy, it’s causing a strain on the existing housing market.

Tampa has a lot of older homes that don’t fit what modern buyers are looking for. Luckily, there are still plenty of lots where you can custom-build a luxury home, especially in South Tampa.

Please read our guide to the best neighborhoods in Tampa to learn where you want to build.

South Tampa Neighborhoods: Where’s the Geographical Divide?

While you could argue where North Tampa stops and South Tampa begins, using Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd as a divider is a safe bet. If you’re less familiar with the area, you can use Highway 92 as your landmark (it’s easier to find on the map).

North Tampa is more spacious, has newer developments, and is less urban. It’s not as walkable as the classic South Tampa neighborhoods, and its neighborhoods wane in popularity.

South Tampa, however, has always been a great place to live and is perfect for young families and couples who like to be close to the action.

The Best Neighborhoods in Tampa: South Tampa Edition

Living in South Tampa gives you easy access to downtown via car or public transportation. It’s walkable, lively, and has historic charm, with a mix of old and new homes. Pricing in these neighborhoods reflects their high quality of life, so expect to pay a decent price for empty lots.

Currently, we build in these South Tampa neighborhoods:

  • Virginia Park
  • Sunset Park
  • Parkland Estates
  • Palma Ceia
  • New Suburb Beautiful
  • Hyde Park
  • Davis Islands
  • Beach Park
  • Bayshore Beautiful

If you have your heart set on another neighborhood, let us know, and we’ll try to work something out. That said, we think you’ll love the spots we picked for our custom luxury homes.

Things to Do in South Tampa

Using MLK Boulevard as the divider, Raymond James Stadium just makes the cut for South Tampa. That means you’ll live on the same side of town where the Superbowl-winning Buccaneers play, just in time to catch Brady’s “last” season.

Sports fans will also enjoy the S. Tampa proximity to Amalie Arena, where the Tampa Bay Lightning play (and win!).

Other cultural staples like the Tampa Museum of Art, University of Tampa, and Tampa General Hospital live on this side of the divide.

You’ll never be bored living in these neighborhoods between all the things there are to do and the new restaurants popping up every day.

Finding Your Future Home

The majority of Florida homes on the market are ranch-style builds from the 1970s, 1980s, or before. Those homes aren’t as stylish, efficient, or storm-safe as new builds are.

That’s why we’ve committed to building new homes on South Tampa real estate: we know you want to live in the best neighborhoods in Tampa, and we’re here to give you better options.

Check out our floor plans and homes here.