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How to Create a Budget For a Custom Built Home

half real half animation representing a custom built home interior

Your home is where you’re going to spend most of your time in. It’s your safe space so you are going to want it to look the best it can. In this article, the following tips will tell you how to achieve your custom home built at a low price. It can be very expensive to create your space and with everything you want in it. So, what…

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Design Inspiration: Trends For Your Custom Built Home

a homebuyer thinking of her future home

Designing a custom home is exciting, but without the right professionals, it can be overwhelming. At New Legacy Homes, we work with you every step of the way to help you make intentional decisions during the home building process. There are many things to consider like design trends, sustainability and durability. We will work with…

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What Are the Best Energy Efficient Appliances For a New Home?

an iPad representing energy efficient appliances

Picture this: You are planning your luxury dream home. You and New Legacy Homes have chosen the materials, floor plans, room design, and colors, and you are ready to move in. Or, in these late summer months of 2020, you’ve chosen to do a complete remodel of your kitchen or laundry. In both situations, you need…

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