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What Are the Best Energy Efficient Appliances For a New Home?

Picture this: You are planning your luxury dream home. You and New Legacy Homes have chosen the materials, floor plans, room design, and colors, and you are ready to move in. Or, in these late summer months of 2020, you’ve chosen to do a complete remodel of your kitchen or laundry.

In both situations, you need to consider new appliances: the washer/dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other helpful machines that save you time, and hopefully, money. To do that, you need to select the best appliances that are also the most energy-efficient.

Here are the most energy efficient appliances that are key to creating an eco-friendly home.

Look for the ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR is a label found on energy-efficient products and is backed by the federal government. This label helps you identify energy-saving appliances, which are 10%-50% more efficient than those without the label.

Although they may cost a little more upfront, purchasing ENERGY STAR products will help reduce your utility bills over time without forgoing comfort, performance, and advanced features, making it more than worth the initial cost.

In fact, here at New Legacy Homes, all of our homes are ENERGY STAR rated.

Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator

Your refrigerator uses the most energy of anything else, and the bigger the fridge, the more energy used.

If energy efficiency is important, then try to buy a refrigerator that’s between 16 and 20 cubic feet, with a top freezer, and no automatic ice maker. Dealers may push you to purchase a larger model with more technical features. However, remember that these use more energy and will cost more to run.

Fisher & Paykel have several different options and styles you can choose from in your new home. For example, they offer the integrated style, contemporary style and professional style of refrigerators.

The Dishwasher

Today’s modern dishwashers use much less water to complete the job than in the past. The ones today come with special features such as soil sensors, and advanced filtration systems that can speed up cleaning.

Fisher & Paykel are known for producing excellent dishwashers. Like with their refrigerators, they offer several different types and styles of dishwashers.

The Washer/Dryer

Energy-efficiency is also a major factor in your choice of laundry appliances.

Front-loading washers use less energy than top-loaders and can save you space as well.

Dryers, like stoves, are not currently rated by ENERGY STAR. For energy savings, choose a dryer with a moisture sensor feature, which turns the dryer off automatically, saving heat and electricity.

Why Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Not only do energy-efficient appliances save money, but building a home that includes them helps maintain our planet’s natural resources, and reduce pollution.

When it’s time to build your new home in South Tampa, contact us for all the top floor plans, features, and energy-saving ideas to design a home that is both luxurious and eco-friendly.