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5 Benefits of an Energy Star Home

There’s no better award for high-quality work than a gold star. That’s why the government runs the ENERGY STAR program.

More than 2.2 million homes and apartments have ENERGY STAR certification. An ENERGY STAR home meets high standards for efficiency, achieving twenty percent improvements on average.

Yet many people don’t know how beneficial a certified home can be. What is an ENERGY STAR home like? What are the benefits of an ENERGY STAR home?

The answers may surprise you. Here is your quick guide.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

A 2018 report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) examined ENERGY STAR appliances in the residential space. It found that for every dollar Americans spend on ENERGY STAR, they saved $4.50 on their energy bills.

ENERGY STAR appliances increase energy efficiency in a few different ways. Refrigerators contain thicker insulation, meaning they need less cold air to keep food fresh. Dishwashers contain sensors that determine the exact water temperature for cleaning dishes, so they don’t heat water up too high.

2. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Using less energy means putting fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The NRDC found that the ENERGY STAR program has reduced carbon pollution by more than 27 million metric tons since 1995.

3. Higher Resale Value

The NRDC found that 89 percent of Americans recognize the ENERGY STAR label. They know that the label represents a high level of energy efficiency and quality.

This encourages them to purchase homes with these appliances. A 2017 survey found that ENERGY STAR homes sell for 9.5 percent more than less-efficient homes.

4. Variety of Appliances

The program covers a wide range of appliances and tools. Their certification extends to windows, ducts, and HVAC systems.

You can select a few appliances to install, then work your way up to owning all of them. Your home can receive certification once you are ten percent more efficient than other homes built to code. You can reach this through the installation of a few appliances and cautious energy use.

You can integrate appliances into a number of floorplans. In fact, you can have a home over 4,000 square feet that has an ENERGY STAR rating.

5. Enduring Quality

The program does not just examine energy efficiency. To receive an ENERGY STAR certificate, an appliance must utilize high-quality components. Washing machines must have a gentle operation, slowly moving clothes without wrinkling them.

ENERGY STAR is constantly examining its standards. They adapt to new developments in the marketplace, providing up-to-date regulations and features.

The Five Benefits of an ENERGY STAR Home

The benefits of an ENERGY STAR home are profound. You can save $4.50 for every one dollar you spend on appliances. Appliances help slash your carbon footprint by thousands of metric tons per year.

You can sell your house for 9.5 percent more. You can integrate appliances into floorplans, including large homes with multiple bedrooms. Designers build appliances to last, so you won’t need to buy replacements.

Above all, turn to someone who knows about energy-efficient homes. Lastly, New Legacy Homes is the leading homebuilder of the ENERGY STAR home in Tampa. Contact us today.