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How to Find an Energy Efficient New Home Builder

Did you know that building an energy-efficient home can save you money?

Many people think that making your home energy efficient will break the bank or require a lot of extra, unneeded work. That is not the case!

Taking the steps to ensure that your new home is energy efficient can significantly lower your monthly expenses. Not only that, but with more and more people prioritizing the environment, energy-efficient homes just make sense.

With these homes, you are not only reducing costs but also your carbon footprint. Your home will be safer, healthier, and prepare you for the future.

If you want to make sure your new home builder is energy efficient, check out these tips.

What to Look for in a New Home Builder

Whether you are buying a new build home or you want to make sure your new home builder is energy-efficient, here are some tips that will help.

Use the Land to Your Advantage

Smart landscaping can be a great way to make your new home working for you, not against you.

Here are some ways that landscaping can work for you and your energy-efficient needs:

  • Be aware of your new home’s elevation and flood zone
  • Plant more trees to provide more shade
  • Insulate the home to keep quality fresh air inside longer
  • Pick a neighborhood with mature landscaping or the potential for some

Depending on where you live, using the land as a way to make your home energy efficient could be an advantage.

Consider the Whole House

Controlling the landscape isn’t the only way to make your home energy-efficient. What you put inside your house matters as well.

There are several ways that you can optimize the use of your indoor space in ways that will benefit you. You can make sure your new home is being built in an energy-efficient way by including some of these features:

  • Energy-efficient appliances throughout the house
  • Windows, doors, and skylights to let in more sun
  • Energy-efficient water heating
  • Solar Panels on your roof

You could also consider insulating areas such as attics or any place where cool air can escape.

Keep the Season in Mind

Remember that when buying a new build home there are ideal times for doing certain things to optimize your time and money.

April through June is usually the busiest time for most builders. May through August tends to be slow for real estate. July through September is the best time for indoor remodeling.

Keeping these timeframes in mind can help you make sure you are getting things done most efficiently.

Looking for New Build Homes Near Me?

Energy-efficient homes are ideal for many reasons. They can help you save money without doing any work, while simultaneously helping the environment.

Why spend extra money on heating and cooling your house when you can make the house do the work for you? Following these tips can help you to make sure that your new home builder is being energy-efficient and saving you money.

Looking for a new home builder in Tampa, Florida? Ready to look at energy-efficient floor plans for your new home? Click here for inspiration!