7 Florida Home Trends to Consider When Building

Zillow named Tampa the top housing market in the nation going into 2022.

The growing amount of jobs and the high demand for housing have made it a very desirable area.

Are you looking to live in the Tampa Bay area? How can you build one of the beautiful Florida homes that you see when driving around? What home trends should you be aware of before starting the process?

Keep reading to learn more about the Florida home trends to consider when you are planning to build a home:

1. Energy-Efficient Features

Do you want solar panels on the roof? Are your windows helping keep the cool air in your home? What LED lightbulbs will you choose?

Energy-efficient features are a long-time trend in new homes. Starting with the appliances and extending to every area of the home, saving energy is a focus from day one.

2. More Storage

Strategic storage is a trend due to Florida homes not having basements. Picking a home design that has several closets and sensible space to store items will save you from having to rent a storage unit.

3. Technology Abundant

Do you visit many homes that don’t have a security system or doorbell camera? Technology is not only an option but is trending as a requirement in new homes.

We include smart technology in every home that we build so that you can stay up-to-date on all of the latest entertainment options and energy-saving methods.

4. Open Space

Space has always been desirable but having an open layout has continued to grow in popularity. This is especially true in homes that are more compact in design. Keeping an open floor plan in these spaces can help them feel bigger than the square footage reflects.

How can you maximize the living space to achieve the most comfortable feeling for your family? Visiting our design center will allow you to visualize the different designs to see what the best fit for your situation will be.

5. Healthy Home Trends

When gyms shut down in 2020, many people started making their own versions of a home gym. Building out healthy spaces to live, work out, and relax in is a growing trend. Using an extra room as your home gym or adding a pickleball court with leftover concrete could be examples of this.

6. Home Offices

Whether or not you are still working from home or plan to in the future, the trend of home offices has come back stronger than ever. Many adults found that they lacked the space for work-only activities in their home.

Thinking about what you want your home office to look like and where the best place for it would be in terms of indoor and outdoor noise is something to consider.

7. More Room For Guests

Living in Florida, you may have more guests visiting you than if you lived in a snowy, Northern state. Having a guest room and a comfortable setup for your guests will also add to your comfort by not having to tiptoe around your home in fear of waking someone up.

One trend that is gaining momentum is the idea of a dual master suite. Adding this allows your guests to have their own space.

Start Building Today

Now that you have read more about the Florida home trends to consider when you are planning to build a home, you can get started right away. These home trends will help guide you as you decide what to build and where to build it. If you are looking to build your home in the Tampa Bay area today, give us a call.