4 Important Eco-Friendly Tips for Homeowners in Florida

Did you know that Tampa broke its daily record of 95 degrees Fahrenheit set in 1935 recently in July 2021 by reaching 97 degrees? This might be a one-off thing, but considering how Tampa keeps on getting hotter and hotter each year, it could have something to do with the health of the environment.

What is one thing you could do as a homeowner to help out your beloved city (and the world)? Caring for the planet begins by using eco-friendly tips to create an energy-efficient home. If more homes become eco-friendly, it could have a beneficial impact on the environment.

Keep reading to find out more.

1. Caring for the Environment Starts With Energy-efficient Appliances

Appliances with the Energy Star sticker on them have been certified by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to be the best choice for energy efficiency. You don’t have to think twice about this – purchase Energy Star certified appliances for your home and you know you are doing good for your city and planet.

2. Use Fans Instead of Aircon To Cool Your Home

Too many Tampa residents are spending hundreds of dollars on cooling their homes and lamenting about how much of their income goes to their cooling bills.

Installing ceiling fans in your home is easy, and you can either use the fans alone or along with your aircon to cool your home faster and more efficiently. It will reduce your monthly cooling bill and it’s great for the environment.

Also, close the curtains during the day to ensure all that cool air stays trapped inside your home and doesn’t get seeped away by your windows.

3. Build an Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Outside To Reduce Cooling Bills

Every time you cook indoors, you release hundreds of toxic chemicals into the air which could make your family sick. But more than that, the turned-on stove heats your home and puts your HVAC system into overdrive trying to cool down your home.

Build an outdoor kitchen and notice how your cooling bills reduce drastically. You could also use this as an excuse to do more BBQs during the week, without any special occasion.

4. Try Eco-friendly Products for Cleaning

Another major indoor air pollutant is the cleaning products you use to make your house fresh and hygienic. There are many eco-friendly products on the market that you can use to improve your indoor air quality and to ensure that your negative impact on the environment is minimized.

Eco-friendly Tips Don’t Work Without You

No matter how many eco-friendly tips there might be out there if you don’t put in the effort to use them, nothing in this world will change. Tampa will remain hot as ever and future generations will be in as much danger as before.

Take the time to incorporate the tips mentioned above so you can be more environmentally friendly.

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