7 Kitchen Design Tips for Your Custom Home in Florida

One of the many amazing things about creating your own custom Florida home is that you can plan every last detail and create your dream living space. One of the rooms in which this prospect is particularly exciting is, of course, the kitchen.

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The kitchen is a very specific space about which every household has very specific tastes. You will have your own kitchen design ideas, needs, and wish list about what it should include.

But there are also some general kitchen design tips that you won’t want to ignore. Read on to learn about some of the best kitchen ideas to implement when designing a kitchen.

1. You Don’t Need to Follow Trends

This concept is simple but important to remember, and often easy to forget. When designing your kitchen, you don’t need to follow current kitchen trends. Think about your tastes and what works best in your space.

2. Think About Your Own Kitchen Habits

Do you love baking, and hate washing up? Do you always need a stool to reach the top shelf? Is an oversized refrigerator your ultimate dream?

One of the best things you can do when designing your kitchen space is to think about the way you use the kitchen. Then use this information to create a functional kitchen that works with your lifestyle.

3. Make Sure Everything Has Its Place

Nobody likes a messy kitchen. Now is your chance to make sure that everything in your kitchen will always have a logical place. Drawers for appliances, hooks for pots and pans, however you want to organize everything, now’s the time to plan it.

4. Craft Your Floorplan Carefully

Where you place things in your kitchen matters. You should think about where things like the refrigerator and prep area are not only in relation to everything else in your house, but also to one another. Many designers recommend using the “kitchen triangle” method to plan accordingly.

5. See the Light

How much natural light a room gets will dictate the color scheme that will suit it best. If the space is naturally dark, try using light, brighter colors. If you’ve got tonnes of light, you can pretty much play around with the color scheme you like.

6. Lights, Cooking, Action!

Speaking of light, it’s not only the natural kind you should be worrying about. You want to be careful about the placement of your electrical fittings, as well. Make sure any work surfaces have ample lighting—think about function as well as fashion.

7. Go Green

A great thing about a new build house is the opportunity to pack it full of wonderful eco-friendly appliances and devices. In the kitchen, this is especially true. Try to purchase products that are Energy Star Approved and will add value to your home while helping the environment.

Kitchen Design Tips for Your Dream Room

We hope these kitchen design tips have given you some food for thought. If you’d like the chance to create your very own custom Tampa home, New Legacy Homes can help. Get in touch today to enquire about creating your very own dream home.