2022 Bathroom Trends for Custom Homes in Tampa Bay

Did you know that in 2021, of the people who wanted to remodel and renovate their home, 70 percent wanted to do a complete remodel of their bathroom? Along with making the space more functional for you, bathroom remodels can add an average of $14,000 to your home’s value.

If you are planning on a bathroom renovation for your custom home, there are some bathroom trends you want to consider. Let us look at some of the most exciting ones for 2022.

Bathroom Trends: Bold Walls

Bringing color and patterns to your custom bathroom walls is a leading trend for 2022. You can choose to go with wallpaper that is richly patterned or you can opt for patterned tiles.

“Kit kat” tiles are an option more people are turning to. They are stick-like mosaic tiles that add texture and color to the bathroom without competing with other patterns in the room.


If you want to build a custom home with a custom bathroom, consider a bathroom with the minimalism of Japanese style and the functionality of Scandinavian design. This is the Japandi trend.

Japandi embraces more neutral color palettes with accents in black and it focuses on using wood, as well. This sleek design stylecan create an eye-catching bathroom without giving up on functionality.

Mixing Metals

This year, sticking to matching metals in fixtures is no longer a requirement for a stylish bathroom remodel. You can mix the metals that make up your vessel sinks, faucets, and accents to create a rich design. The mixture works best if the metals are very different, like chrome and matte, or if they have some similar backgrounds, like burnished bronze and black.

Black metals are the rage this year because they can be the connection between many patterns and styles. Consider black metal in shower enclosures or even in your bathroom’s window trims.

Floating Vanities

This trend is seeing a boost in 2022. Partly, this is because floating vanities do not only work in more modern bathrooms but can bring a bold style to a more classic design. It is a transitional design that appeals to many homeowners.

The space beneath the vanity can serve many purposes, too, and can work well for making a small bathroom look spacier. One way to take advantage of the space beneath the vanity is to install ambient lighting.

Standalone Tubs and Open Showers

You can create a luxury vibe by placing a standalone tub in the middle of the room. Pairing this with an open shower can give the custom bathroom the modern and functional style you want. Be sure the shower is installed correctly for proper drainage.

Transform Your Bathroom

Whether you want a more functional bathroom or prefer a bold design, we can help. At New Legacy Homes, we can make it easier for you to take any of the bathroom trends you are seeing this year and make them your own.

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