floor plan - Close up sample of fabric and architectural drawing paper

4 Simple Floor Plans to Inspire Your Custom Home

What if you could make your home even more awesome from the “ground up?”

When you’re building a custom home, a good floor plan makes all the difference. However, many people mistakenly think that a good floor plan has to be complex or expensive.

The truth is, simple floor plans can completely change the look and feel of your home. Here are 4 of our favorites!

1. The Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are all the rage right now. In addition to family home plans, it’s not uncommon to see this “open” concept used in newer business offices.

The chief benefit of this floor plan is that it creates a large sense of space. Even a small home can look much larger without as many walls in the way.

This plan can also create a sense of intimacy with everyone in the home because it literally removes the boundaries that typically separate everyone.

2. Compartmentalized

A compartmentalized floor plan is the opposite of the open floor plan. Such a floor plan is more “traditional” because it uses walls to create a variety of compartments and rooms.

This is a good floor plan if you have several people living in a home. Giving everyone their own room also gives them a sense of space, and that’s important when it comes to peacefully living together.

And the only real downside to this floor plan is that it highlights how small certain areas are. This is why many homeowners use open space for a living room/kitchen area, even if the rest of the house is compartmentalized.

3. Split-Level

The idea of a “split-level” home can be a bit confusing at first. It’s actually easier to think of such homes as “tri-level” homes instead.

With such homes, you have a separate entryway. Meanwhile, the living room area and bedroom area are stacked on top of one another.

This is a good floor plan for getting a lot of home without using a lot of space. It borrows concepts from things like townhomes in which “building up” minimizes the overall footprint of the house.

4. Single-Family Home

The single-family home floor plan keeps things nice and simple. These are one-story homes that are typically designed to maximize space in the front and the backyard.

As the name implies, this kind of floor plan is great for a small family. Everyone can have their own rooms, and both children and pets can enjoy easy access to the great outdoors.

Such homes can also be a great choice for people who like to throw parties. For example, a big backyard is a perfect location for grilling out or simply tossing a football before the game day kicks off.

Simple Floor Plans: The Bottom Line

Now you know how simple floor plans can make a big difference in your home. But do you know who can bring your dream plans to life?

We specialize in helping South Tampa residents find their dream homes. To see what we can do for you and your family, just contact us today!