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5 Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Custom Home Builder

When you are in the process of constructing your new luxury home, choosing the right home builder is an essential part of the process. They will be responsible for the finished work and you will be dealing with them for a significant period. Continue reading to learn what questions to ask a custom home builder.

Choosing the right home builder will make this often stressful period more straightforward and ultimately rewarding.

In this blog post, we’ll look at five questions you need to ask before settling on a custom home builder. For the best locations in South Tampa, check out our exclusive neighborhoods here.

1. Enquire About Their Office & Experience

A reputable home builder will have a physical office, a landline contact number, and a website. Make sure that you have all of this information and be wary of any company that doesn’t. Enquire about their experience, how long they have been established, their staff, their use of sub-contractors, and whether or not they offer free estimates.

2. Ask About Their Insurance & Licenses

Asking these questions will help to avoid any potential headaches down the line. Always ask to see proof of a home builder’s liability insurance and check out exactly what it covers.

The same goes for their license; make sure that they are operating legally and everything is above board. If a home builder is coy about providing this information, let that be a sign to walk away.

3. Who Is My Point of Contact?

Ask about their liaison person or the individual that will be available to answer all questions that you will have during the construction process. Communication is key during a home build, so be sure to choose a contractor that is open about their work and available to address questions or concerns.

4. Ask Them for References

While a home building company may talk the talk, the best way to see if they walk the walk is to ask for references. Speak to past clients and get their opinion on the home builder.

Have they more negatives to say than positives? What were their strengths and weaknesses? How punctual were they? Was communication an issue? The most important question is: would they hire them again? Arm yourself with all of this information before deciding on a home builder.

5. Ask Them to Sign a Written Contract

Before hiring a company, ensure that they will sign a contract outlining the specific details of the project. This contract should include details on the overall price, cost of materials, completion start and finish date, number of staff to be used, use of sub-contractors, and insurance details. Make sure that both parties sign this contract.

Choose Carefully When Selecting a Custom Home Builder

These questions will provide you with the necessary information to make a decision when hiring a custom home builder. For the best luxury homes in South Tampa, choose New Legacy Home. We have built more than 9,000 homes in Florida. Contact our team today to learn more.