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9 Kitchen Designing Tips You Need to Know

Americans spend an average of 37 minutes a day preparing and serving food. If you’re in the kitchen every day, of course, you want it to be an amazing environment.

Whether you are building your home or upping it with a redesign, many tips can help you. Here are 9 kitchen designing tips you should consider.

1. Think Ahead

The most important of all kitchen designing tips is to think ahead. You need to know how to redesign a kitchen before doing it.

All kitchen shapes are different so keep that in mind when working on yours. Begin worrying about functionality first.

2. Storage

The planning stages need to implement storage needs. You need to allow enough room for however much storage you need.

Use all the space possible in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet planners can help you get the most out of your space. Put cabinets up to the ceiling if necessary.

One big mistake people make is not leaving enough room for drawers. Your kitchen drawers should be deep enough to fit all of your appliances.

3. Light

Light is important in a kitchen because you need it while cooking. A light behind you will keep you from seeing what you are making.

Don’t cast shadows with your lights—the lights should be in front of you. Under-cabinet lights are a great way to make sure the light shines where it needs to.

4. Counter Surface

During kitchen sketching, you need to think about the space that your counters will take up. Fitting in counter space also includes thinking about adding an island if you don’t already have one.

You also need to consider what counter surface you want. A kitchen counter should be easy to cook on and clean afterward.

5. Start Fresh

The best of kitchen designing tips include all new appliances. Old items can make your redesigning process feel like less of a redesign.

An old appliance can stick out in a new environment.

6. Safety

Safety should be one of the top priorities when redesigning your kitchen. If you have kids, it is especially important to make the kitchen a safe place.

You can also set up the kitchen to view the backyard and other play areas. This way you can watch your kids while cooking dinner. Rounded countertop edges and slip-resistant floors can be considered as extra safety precautions.

7. Ventilation

Cooking odors can make the entire house reak. You can ventilate cooking odors with a range hood.

8. Trash

Where your trash can is located is probably the last thing on your mind when redesigning your kitchen. This can be an important thing to think about because you don’t want your smelly trash being in the way.

You can design your kitchen with built-in bins, behind cabinet doors, or just somewhere out of the way.

9. Flooring

The flooring of your kitchen can bring everything together. Slip-resistant floors can be a safe option for kids and even adults who spend a lot of time in the kitchen

Some floors wear out faster than others so keep that in mind when considering flooring.

Kitchen Designing Tips For You

Kitchen designing tips are the key to building or redesigning your dream kitchen. Following these 9 tips will ensure that you fall in love with your new cooking environment.

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