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Energy Efficient Features: 3 For You

When you’re buying a new home, there are what seems like a million different factors to consider. In fact, 87% of buyers say that photos were very useful when looking at new homes for sale on the Internet. Even though that’s a high statistic, it’s always important to view the physical appearance of a house. One factor that more and more homebuyers are thinking about are energy efficient features. In fact, all of our New Legacy homes are built to be Energy Star CertifiedFortunately, new houses are much more energy efficient than older homes. Let’s take a closer look at some great energy efficient features to consider.

Energy Efficient Features


All homes should have some level of insulation, but today’s new home builders often put a heavier focus on properly insulated and sealing the house. Insulation is one of the many energy efficient features you can add to your new home. This could include installing high-performance windows and doors or simply investing in high-quality insulation to put throughout the house. When a home is properly insulated and sealed, this can help keep the heated or cooled air inside — when the air inside a home can easily escape through cracks or poor insulation, this causes the HVAC system to work harder, increasing energy use. So make sure to talk with your builder about insulation options.


Another area to focus on is the lighting. Hopefully, the new homes for sale you’re looking at have plenty of natural light. This can already help save energy because you can use the natural light instead of turning on lights in the house. But as for the lights in your home, you should invest in energy efficient fixtures and bulbs. Switching over to LED bulbs is extremely easy and can help significantly reduce energy use. So when you’re planning your lighting, keep eco-friendly options in mind.


And lastly, you should always look for energy efficient appliances. Most appliances nowadays have a rating to show how energy efficient they are. Because appliances, like the fridge and the stove, are something you’re going to be using often, it’s important to make a good purchase decision. New, eco-friendly appliances can not only work better, but they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. So if you need to put appliances in your home, consider their energy usage.

Choosing energy efficient features for your house can be great for both your wallet and the environment. So keep these features in mind when you’re looking at new homes for sale.

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