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Life on the Water — What to Look for in Your New Tampa Home

Homes in South Tampa are known for their incredible location — whether you’re looking for amazing food, great concerts, or the perfect weather, the Tampa area has it all. When you’re looking at new homes in South Tampa, be sure to look for the following qualities in your new Tampa home.

Location, location, location

If you’re moving to Tampa, odds are you’ll find an abundance of houses to love. Not only does Florida home beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, it’s less than two hours away from Orlando and Universal Studios — perfect if you have children or love the movies. However, living on the beach might not be right for you want to avoid the nightlife: Tampa hosts festivals all year long. With the water so close by, it may be worth investing in a home that fits your lifestyle.

Solar panels

Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly common in new homes and many new home builders are taking advantage of this key selling point. With Florida’s sunny weather, looking for homes with established solar panels will cut your monthly bill and save you the cost of installing them yourself.

High ground

Despite the state’s motto, the sunshine state receives its fair share of rain. With Tampa right on the Gulf coast, you’ll undoubtedly have to worry about flooding at some point when you live on the water. Luckily, you can lower some of your insurance costs and ensure the safety of your home by trying to find a location on a higher altitude, or by building a raised foundation yourself. Florida is pretty flat, so looking for high locations or finding a house with a solid foundation is a necessity.

Research your community

See what options you can scope out online before making the hike down there — with nearly 92% of new home buyers go online to search for homes, there’s a good chance you can read some reviews to get a better idea of the South Tampa houses and neighborhoods. Many areas in Florida are deed restricted, meaning you’d live under a homeowners association. Do some research to see if this living style is right for you.

You may not know what to look for in a new house, but be sure to keep these qualities in mind when you’re looking in the South Tampa area.