exterior front elevation of a New Legacy Home

Key Elements of Good Curb Appeal

If you’re searching for new homes for sale, chances are, you’ve been conducting at least part of your search online. In fact, 92% of shoppers now use the internet in their search for a home. When shopping both in-person and online, a home’s exterior makes the first impression– the importance of having a home that looks beautiful from the outside cannot be underestimated. Continue reading to learn the key elements of good curb appeal.

You know you want a home with a beautiful exterior, but what exactly gives a home curb appeal? According to landscapers, designers, and real estate agents, curb appeal comes down to the following key elements:

Siding and Roofing

The color, material, and condition of a home’s siding and roofing significantly alter how a viewer feels about the property. Damaged, worn, or faded siding will signal to the shopper that the home has not been properly maintained. Color also has a significant impact on a buyer. While each individual might have hue preferences, in general, a dark color creates a smaller, “cozier” looking house, while light-colored siding makes a home look bigger and communicates grandeur or formality.

Entry Door

The front door is like the face of a home. For maximum curb appeal, you want your entryway and doorway to welcome you inside. When considering houses for sale, find a front door that speaks to you. Don’t shy away from brightly colored doorways, and consider carefully whether you prefer an entry door with or without a window.


Eyes are windows to the soul, and windows are the eyes of a home. Clean, well-cared for windows are most attractive, and many windows indicate that the interior of the home is well-lit and well-designed. When looking at potential new houses, be sure to make note of the quantity and quality of front-facing windows.


Plants and trees bring life to a front yard and help a home look less like a new build and more like it belongs in the surrounding environment. Look for new houses that incorporate gardens, green shrubs, and trees for greater curb appeal.

Lighting and Fixtures

Finally, as with interiors, exterior details can significantly impact how a shopper feels about a house. If you’re touring new houses virtually or in-person, take a moment to observe details. What does the mailbox look like? Is the house number visible and attractive? Will the home look lovely at night, thanks to a variety of light fixtures? Taking note of smaller aspects will help you find a home that appeals to your unique tastes.

When you come home to your new property, you want to be welcomed by a beautiful exterior and entryway. Use these listed elements to guide you while house hunting, so that you can find a home with curb appeal that speaks to you!