The Latest Smart Home Trends for New Home Construction

Are you looking for the newest and most innovative smart home trends to incorporate into your new custom home in South Tampa? Nowadays, incorporating cutting-edge technology into a custom house no longer has to be prohibitively expensive. Instead, there are cost-effective ways to “smartify” every aspect of your new construction and ensure you have the latest features at an affordable rate. Whether controlling lights and heating with voice commands or setting up remote surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world, we’ll show you how these trends can help keep your dream home safe and secure without breaking the bank.

Revolutionary Trends

Smart home technology is quickly revolutionizing the custom home building industry in South Tampa and worldwide. While this technology has already made things like automated climate control and surveillance systems easier to manage, the newest innovative home movement trends focus on creating custom living spaces that cater to each homeowner’s lifestyle. From intelligent surveillance systems with facial recognition sensors to voice-controlled appliances and even integrated entertainment systems, custom homes are becoming more intelligent than ever, offering homeowners convenience, protection, and ease of use.

Smart Home Automation

With smart home automation, you can get energy-efficient products that reduce energy costs and maintenance requirements, as well as advanced features like automated lighting and entertainment control. You’ll save time and money by controlling your appliances with voice commands or mobile devices, making it easier to manage your home’s heating, cooling, lights, and other amenities more efficiently. Additionally, with increased safety capabilities such as motion detection devices and unlockable doors through voice commands, you can know your custom home is secure while away. Intelligent home automation makes custom homes a smarter choice!

Voice Recognition Technologies

Voice recognition technology is undoubtedly taking custom homes in South Tampa to the next level! This cutting-edge feature pairs with custom smart homes to make daily chores faster, easier, and more intuitive. With technologies like one-step commands, voice assistants can keep tabs on your calendar, control appliances, perform tasks, and so much more. With improved accuracy from natural language processing, machine learning, and new integrations with other existing systems, voice recognition technology transforms how smart custom homes operate for unparalleled convenience.

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart Lighting Systems allow you total control over the lights in your custom home, which can significantly increase safety for your family. Smart lighting systems also allow energy-efficient options such as timers and motion sensors to ensure unnecessary lighting doesn’t consume excess power. This technology is one of the many smart home trends becoming increasingly popular in South Tampa custom homes, making achieving maximum security and sustainability easier than ever.

Home Security Cameras

Home security is essential to keeping custom homes safe and secure. Home security cameras allow homeowners to monitor activity in and around their property from anywhere, at any time – without having to be physically present or hire someone to watch their property constantly. Whether homeowners need to check on a contractor working on their custom home or keep an eye out for possible intruders, modern home security cameras provide convenience and peace of mind that has previously never been available.

New Legacy Homes

New Legacy Homes take pride in building every custom home with unmatched detail and craftsmanship. It’s not just what you see; it’s what you don’t see. From insulation to waterproofing to intelligent technology, we aim to provide energy-efficient homes using the latest building science, materials, and advanced systems to save you money on heating and cooling costs, keep your family safe and secure, and reduce your home’s environmental footprint. Contact us today to learn more about the latest innovative home technology for your custom-built home in South Tampa.