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What’s the Big Deal About Energy Star Homes?

Over 36,000 buildings have earned the Energy Star rating as of last year in the United States saving billions of dollars in energy costs.

Do you have to buy a new home to garner Energy Star ratings? Or can an existing home improve their energy efficiency star rating?

“Energy Star” is a special label given to homes that meet energy efficiency standards. Energy Star homes are great for the environment and your pocketbook. Let’s take a look at what makes them a cut above the rest.

What’s So Special About Energy Star Homes?

The Energy Star rating system came about as part of a federal program in 1992 called the Clean Air Act. Energy Star comes under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is a voluntary program that educates Americans on the many ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint with energy efficiency in the home.

Lower Greenhouse Gases

Much of the greenhouse gas in the air comes from homes, buildings, and the industry’s energy usage. The Energy Star program has been focused on lowering the amount of greenhouses gas emissions which means less pollution in the air.

More Energy-Efficient Appliances

While still delivering on performance and useful features, Energy Star appliances must also have increased energy efficiency. Products are tested for their performance and energy consumption in order to receive the Energy Star rating.

Such appliances may be more expensive upfront but the money saved in utility bills over a relatively short period of time makes up the difference.

Energy Star products are available in refrigerators, washers and dryers, room air conditioners, water heaters, commercial dishwashers, residential dishwashers, dehumidifiers, and freezers.

Use a Lot Less Energy

Homes with an Energy Star rating use between 15 and 30% less energy than a traditional home built without this rating. Builders are required to stick to particular energy-saving and energy efficiency standards as the home is built.

The home is then inspected, tested, and verified to meet the standards. Only homes meeting the standards can be labeled Energy Star. The federal requirements are strictly enforced.

Using less energy equals a savings of at least $300 per year in utility costs.

Conserve Water

If every appliance sold this year in the US was an Energy Star appliance, we would save over 25 billion gallons of water each year! That’s less water from our water resources like rivers and estuaries, which is good for the environment.

Using less water keeps water and wastewater treatment costs down as well.

Energy Star Ratings

Now that you know all about energy star homes, do you agree they’re a big deal? Will you make your current or future home energy-efficient with an energy star rating?

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