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5 Stunning Large House Plans for Your Growing Family

The more the merrier! Maybe the Brady Bunch had it right — six kids, two parents, and a maid all living under the same roof. Continue reading to learn about large house plans.

Whether you’re celebrating a newly blended family, plan on having several children of your own, or are accommodating a few additional family members, it’s time to start making large house plans.

The days of mother-daughter homes are slowly fading in the review. Having a big family doesn’t mean living in an oversized house that lacks style or architectural appeal.

Keep reading to discover five large house plans to accommodate both your growing brood and your eye for style.

Large House Plans:

Beyond the Bedroom

When discussing large house plans, your first thought might be, “How many bedrooms do I need?” While this is an important question to answer, don’t discount rooms that serve multiple purposes.

Will your new home have a den, office, or media room? Great! This space can also double as a bedroom!

Adorn your den or media room with a futon or couch that converts to a sleeper. This allows you to accommodate several family members comfortably during the day and night.

Be sure to designate any media or gaming rooms far from the main living area to create a sound barrier.

Outdoor Living Space

Depending on where you live, your outdoor living space may get more use than indoor. Design a comfortable and functional oasis right outside your doors.

Invest in quality outdoor furniture that will withstand the test of time (and weather). What’s even better is if some portion of your outdoor space is protected by an awning or overhang.

You can add a dining room table, lounge chairs, and even sofas and recliners! This allows ample space for your growing family to eat, relax, and congregate.

Sharing (The Bathroom) Is Caring

Aside from bedrooms, the number of bathrooms your home has is equally important — especially if you’re raising teenagers anytime soon!

One great home design option for large families is a single bathroom with two access doors. This allows several members of the family to utilize the bathroom without entering the hallway.

Invest in his-and-her sinks in both the master and additional bathrooms to accommodate multiple people.

When in doubt, always add a half-bath. It never fails that as soon as one person hops in the shower, someone else will need to use the facilities.

Create a Master Suite Oasis

Let’s face it — with a house full of people, there’ll be times you just need to get away.

One of the most popular features of a large house plan is a master suite separated from the main living quarters (also known as a split-bedroom plan).

You’ll be amazed at how much peace and seclusion you feel after closing the door behind you to your sleeping quarters. Design a large master suite and bathroom where you can pamper yourself away from the chaos of large family living.

Keep It Open

Open floor plans are all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder why. If you crave a feeling of wide space with plenty of breathing room, an open floor plan is perfect for you.

Main features include a large kitchen, usually with an island suited for counter-height stools overlooking the living room. In many designs, the dining room is also found in the same space.

Open floor plans help eliminate feelings of congestion and claustrophobia — especially in homes with multiple family members.

Large House Plans with Style

Your large house plans don’t have to lack style, class, or appeal.

At New Legacy Homes, we take pride in creating well-designed, functional homes that fit both your taste and your needs.

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