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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Tampa

Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida, and it is rated as one of the best Florida cities to live in. Tampa is the perfect place for anyone who loves the beach lifestyle and enjoys all of the amenities of a large city.

Are you thinking about moving to Tampa? If so, keep reading to learn about five things you should consider before making the move.

Tampa Weather Is Beautiful

If you decide to make the move to Tampa, you can say goodbye to cold winters! In Tampa, you can expect the winters to be warm and sunny. This could be a great thing or something that you don’t like depending on your preferences.

While winters in Tampa are mild, summers can be hot and humid. If you plan to spend most of your time at the beach, this probably won’t be a big deal. Anyone that dislikes hot weather may not love Tampa summers.

Good Job Opportunities

When deciding where to move, it is important to consider the number of job opportunities in the area. Fortunately, the job market in Tampa is strong and growing.

Here are some job industries in Tampa that are growing:

  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Construction

If you will be getting a new job when moving to Tampa, knowing that the job market is strong is one of the best benefits of moving to Tampa. It is also nice to know that there are plenty of new opportunities if you decide to change careers.

Plenty of Transportation Options

Another thing that you should consider before moving to Tampa is the transportation options and your preferences. Tampa has the Tampa International Airport, five major highways, an Amtrak station, and city buses.

If you like to travel often, Tampa has plenty of options to get you from one point to another. Because Tampa is such a large city, keep in mind that there is a large amount of traffic. This may make some people nervous.

No State Income Tax

Before moving to Tampa, you should know that there is no state income tax. In addition to having no income tax, Tampa has average sales tax rates and average property taxes.

While you won’t be able to save a ton of money from the lack of income tax, you will be able to save some.

Plenty of Fun Things To Do

If you love to stay busy with different things to do, you will enjoy living in Tampa. There are plenty of great things to do near Tampa, including spending the day on some of Florida’s best beaches, going to Busch Gardens, and visiting museums.

If you are someone who prefers a quiet and more laid-back town, then Tampa may not be the best spot for you.

Is Moving to Tampa Right for You?

Tampa is known for being a great place to live and a great place to visit. If you are thinking about moving to Tampa, you should first consider the weather, the job opportunities, the city transportation, the lack of state income tax, and the many fun things to do.

When you are ready to make the move to Tampa, start by checking out our energy-efficient home inventory today, choose a home that fits your needs, and contact us!