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5 Beautiful Benefits of Living in South Tampa

South Tampa is the place to be.

If you’re looking to relocate somewhere, central Florida has a lot to offer. South Tampa, in particular, is one of the fastest-growing regions in the entire country. The weather is beautiful and there’s no shortage of amazing properties to invest in.

Today, we’re going to give you 5 beautiful benefits of living in South Tampa. After you see what’s going on here, you’ll be looking for homes in Tampa as soon as humanly possible.

1. The Weather Is Perfect

There aren’t many places that have as consistent weather as the Tampa region of Florida. Despite being in central Florida, it sits at the bottom of the rest of the mainland US, so you’re getting mid-70 degree weather almost year-round.

If you’re someone that enjoys spending time outdoors, then you can’t ask for better weather.

2. South Tampa Beaches

Situated on the gulf coast, Tampa is littered with gorgeous beaches as far as the eye can see. Clearwater Beach, Fort De Soto Park, and Davis Island Beach are just a few of the world-class sandy vistas you can enjoy in and around South Tampa.

And because the weather is so great all of the time, you can enjoy the beaches year-round.

3. Fine Dining and Shopping

Tampa is home to a thriving bar and restaurant scene. Many of those migrating to South Tampa are young families and established professionals, which has driven the need for amazing cuisine.

You’ll find dozens of incredible restaurants with food from around the world, most notably, Brazilian, Mexican, Argentinian, Indian, and Italian.

4. No State Income Tax

One of the great perks of living in Florida is the absence of a state income tax. It might not be main draw of migrating to the Sunshine State, but you’ll quickly realize how much of a difference this can make in your quality of life.

With that money freed up, you can afford to invest in a better home, go out to the amazing restaurants, and save more money for retirement. South Tampa is also one of the more attractive places in the country to retire.

5. Luxurious Homes

The real estate market in South Tampa is on another level. You can find luxury homes easily or seek out a piece of land to call your own and build on.

At New Legacy Homes, we’ve been building luxurious homes in Tampa for 65 years. We know this community inside and out, so we can help you find or create your dream smart home in the paradise of South Tampa.

It’s Time to Find Yourself In South Tampa

Now that you know how great life can be in South Tampa, it’s time to get your feet wet. Visit New Legacy Homes to find the perfect home or build a new home using our floor plan.

All of our homes put a special focus on integrating the latest smart home technology and our hands-on approach with our customers makes us the best home builders in the Tampa area. Contact ustoday to talk about your new home.