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5 Reasons a Home Automation System Is Essential for Every Luxury Home

By 2024, analysts predict that 53% of all homes in North America will have a home automation system. Smart home technology isn’t an afterthought. Home automation improves your security, saves you time, and makes your life easier.

When it comes to new building in South Tampa, home automation is something to think about. Tampa, in fact, was one of the top ten cities in the United States with the highest percentage of smart home listings.

Learn more about the benefits of smart home technology in your new luxury home.

1. Safety

Fires, water or gas leakage, and other possible safety risks can all be avoided with home automation. You can keep an eye on appliances from afar and make sure they’re switched off if they’re not in use. Your mobile device will receive alerts via smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

A smart pool alarm keeps your family and visitors safe whenever they’re near the water. Pool alarms can be linked to your home protection device, synced with smart assistants like Alexa, and sent as notifications to your phone.

2. Security

Your house is safer with a home automation system. These features are particularly useful if you only live in your South Tampa home for a portion of the year.

Security cameras allow you to monitor what is going on both inside and outside your home. A secure website or app can be used to display camera feeds.

Home automation encompasses more than just surveillance cameras. You can stay updated on the locks on your doors and the garage door openers on your garage door. And if you’re not at home, you can unlock smart door locks remotely for children or guests.

Many smart door locks are compatible with smart assistants, allowing you to unlock them with your voice.

3. Convenience

Smart home technology gives you an additional level of convenience. Managing all your automation technology with a single interface lets you easily access the functionality of your new home. You only need to learn to use one app in order to use many functions and devices throughout your home.

For example, you can turn the lights in any room on or off from your mobile device.

Smart refrigerators have internal cameras that you can access from your smartphone while you’re at the store. You can double-check if you need to buy an item or not. You can set expiration dates so the fridge will notify you to use food while it’s still fresh.

A home automation system reduces the time you spend on household tasks. You have more time to spend with your family and friends.

New Legacy Homes uses ELAN Home Automation Systems in the construction of our homes. Control any smart device in your home from anywhere in the world with the palm of your hand. ELAN has been a fantastic trade vendor to work with, and we appreciate how convenient they made it for our homebuyers.

4. Energy Efficiency

Smart home technology will help you save money on utilities. You can turn off appliances that aren’t in use remotely.

Smart thermostats display your energy consumption in real time, allowing you to make adjustments as required. The thermostat will adapt to balance environmental factors in your home, such as humidity.

In the summer, you can use the app to lower the temperature before you get home, saving money on air conditioning. The thermostat will estimate how long it will take to reach your desired temperature.

When you combine a home automation device with Energy Star appliances, you can save even more money on energy.

5. Better Appliance Functionality

Smart home technology will assist you in getting the most out of your appliances.

A smart TV will assist you in finding the channels that carry your favorite shows. A smart microwave will estimate how long it will take to cook your food. Even your home theater and audio system make it easier for your visitors to find entertainment.

A home automation system also allows you to install new equipment and appliances. You can upgrade the device by incorporating newer models or technologies.

Integrating a Home Automation System into Your South Tampa Home

Your home will be safer, more comfortable, and more desirable to live in with a home automation system. Every home built by New Legacy Homes includes smart home technology. When it comes to luxury homes in South Tampa, our cutting-edge technology assists us in creating the best possible home for you.

Contact our team today to learn more about smart home technology for your new semi-custom home.