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How Are New Luxury Homes Certified to Be Energy Star Homes?

The average U.S. family can spend over $2,000 annually on energy bills. More shocking is that these heavy bills contribute nearly 1/5 of all carbon emissions in the country.

Is there anything worse than exorbitant bills and damaging our climate at the same time? That’s why Energy Star homes are  becoming the gold standard for new homes.

In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about this rapidly growing movement, and what it means for you to save money and have a smaller carbon footprint. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Energy Star Homes?

Energy Star homes are those that meet strict governmental standards and leave a low carbon footprint. These guidelines help ensure homes are at least 10% more energy efficient than those built to state or local code.

In homes, this means having high-end, low-power-consuming appliances. We’re talking fridges, HVACs, washers and dryers, and so on.

It also includes appropriate thermal enclosures. That means proper air sealing around doors and windows and perfectly installed insulation with durable materials. The better the materials, the less need for repair and replacement.

On top of needing fewer repairs and replacements, this also lowers energy bills. That’s less money to heat a home and less to keep it safe and sound.

Also included is a complete water management system that prevents mold, air quality problems, and mitigates the need for regular replacement.

What Are the Certification Criteria?

The Energy Star program started in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The criteria evolve as standards and technology change. This is to ensure that the Energy Star program is consistently meeting better and better metrics in reducing energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

Modern homes offer a bevy of features that make them efficient and supreme.

For example, new homes in South Tampa offer features like LED bulbs, Icynene foam spray to properly insulate attics, and Schulter Systems for waterproofing, preventing leaks and water buildup.

Appliances must meet proper metrics as well. For a fridge, this can mean having a transparent screen to see the food inside, rather than having to open up the fridge and search for it.

For washing machines, this looks at how much water they use. Front-loading machines, such as those from Fisher and Paykel, don’t need to fill an entire basin, thus they can use less water than other washers.

These homes benefit from tankless water heaters, which heat what you need when you need it, and smart HVAC systems.

Together, these highly efficient devices make a home more sustainable, earning them an energy star.

Luxury Homes in South Tampa

Due to the strict guidelines, Energy Star homes are the best of the best when it comes to luxury, sustainability, and cost-savings. And though they require a bit of effort on the builders, the reward pays off for the owners.

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Best yet, all our homes are Energy Star certified and are built from the ground up with sustainability and luxury in mind.

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