New Legacy Homes Partners & Vendors: Presented by the Owners

Are you currently on the hunt to find the perfect South Tampa home builder? Are you looking for a builder who listens to your needs, has great partnerships established, and will create you your ideal custom home? Then look no further, New Legacy Homes is here for your family.

New Legacy Homes Trade Partners:

ELAN – Smart Home Systems

New Legacy Homes has several trade partners they work hand and hand with to create beautifully constructed homes in the South Tampa area of Florida. One of their trade partners is ELAN. ELAN brings advanced smart home automation systems to homeowners and businesses across the world.

Since 1989, ELAN has been dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the smart home experience. In this video, Brandon Roberts, one of New Legacy Homes’ owners, shares that ELAN allows you to control the smart devices in your home by the palm of your hand. For example, this can be opening the garage, unlocking the front door and customizing light controls, all from your phone. 

Schluter Systems – Waterproofing System

New Legacy Homes also works with Schluter for their waterproofing system. Schluter Systems creates innovative solutions for tile engineering, and works closely with builders, tile contractors, and architects of the construction and home building industry.

Brandon mentions that Schluter’s technique of waterproofing is innovative, unconventional, and very effective. Schluter Kerdi provides a cortex based paper product that’s applied to the tile walls and floor, prior to tiling to ensure permanent and warranted waterproofing of showers and bathtubs.

Icynene – Spray Foam

Another trade partner New Legacy Homes works with is Icynene for their spray foam. Rob June, the second of the three owners, shares his take on Icynene’s techniques. Icynene was established in Ontario in 1986 and offers a complete portfolio of high-performance spray foam insulation solutions.

Rob shares that New Legacy Homes uses Icynene to get all of their ductwork into a conditioned space, allowing for cleaner air in homes and longer lasting units. Clean air in homes is especially important right now and thanks to Icynene, the exterior walls of the home are 35% more effective.

Carrier – HVAC System

In addition to Icynene, Rob explains that New Legacy Homes collaborates with Carrier. The team at New Legacy carries their Infinity Line of Carrier products, which is the most effective series offered. This product line leaves homes feeling more comfortable at higher temperatures while simultaneously reducing your electrical bill and increasing comfort.

Carrier has been innovating heating and cooling solutions since 1902. It all started with Willis Carrier when he designed the first modern air-conditioning system after realizing that water could be used to remove moisture from air. Today, it’s one of the most trusted HVAC partners home builders turn to.

Fisher & Paykel – Appliances

Steve Wiltse, the last owner of New Legacy Homes, explains why they chose to partner up with Fisher & Paykel. “We chose Fisher & Paykel, in the beginning because of our philosophies and our vision, they’re very similar. We were looking to build our brand and Fisher & Paykel allowed us to do that because of the uniqueness of their product and their name.”

Steve continues to say that their dishwasher, for example, has two drawers instead of the traditional one drawer, making it easy for your family to load the dishes every night. Fisher & Paykel was founded in 1934 and is a major appliance manufacturer worldwide. Both Fisher & Paykel and New Legacy Homes build a legacy with a future focus of sustainability and efficiency.

2-10 Homebuyer – Warranty

When a family thrives in a home built by New Legacy Homes, New Legacy Homes succeeds as well. 2-10 Homebuyer Warranty helps homebuilders do just that – provide peace of mind to homebuyers. 2-10 Homebuyer Warranty provides home warranties for builders, real estate agents and homeowners, to protect a home simply and economically.

Steve continues by saying 2-10 offers one, two and 10 structural warranties in which New Legacy Homes backs up as well. “But it doesn’t matter when we come in and warranty your home. If it’s wrong on day one or wrong on year five or wrong on year 12, Rob, Brandon and I are going to fix your home.”

New Legacy Homes

Brandon, Rob and Steve are the three owners of New Legacy Homes, a local homebuilder in the Tampa Bay area. This team of leadership has a combined 55 years of experience in the homebuilding industry and provides all of their homes with a high quality, cutting edge and energy-efficient design.

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