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Luxury Furnishing Trends for 2021

As with virtually every other aspect of the way we live our lives, home design has been strongly impacted by the events of the past 12 months. As people around the world re-assess their living needs and what it means to call a place home, design trends that once seemed immutable have faded into insignificance, while decor trends that were once considered ugly or gauche have found new prominence as people prioritize comfort, human-focused design, and living space above all else. Read on to find out the hottest home furniture trends of 2021.

This is doubly true when it comes to furniture trends. The hottest furniture trends of 2021 look set to disregard everything we thought we knew about home design. It’ll continue to be dominated by the increased urgency of the mission to have a house that you can truly call home.

1. The Rise of Granny Chic

By far the most dominant trend of the year ahead when it comes to furniture is the rise of so-called “granny chic”, or “grand millennial” design. As homeowners continue to prioritize comfort and a strong sense of place above all else, the kinds of features you might once have only expected to see in your grandma’s house are becoming the most sought-after items on the market. Think trendy living room furniture such as rattan chairs, heavy eiderdown throws, thick floral rugs, and overstuffed loveseats. Bliss.

2. Cottage Core is Back

It seems that everyone on the homebuyer market in 2020 was looking to trade in their city studio for a sprawling country estate. While that option is only really available for a lucky few, that hasn’t stopped people from bringing the country cottage feeling into their home, wherever they live.

As such, cottage core has become one of the latest furniture trends to take the world by storm. This means soft, rustic, rural furnishings with an artisanal feel. Think shaker-style cabinets, overstuffed teak bookshelves, garden furniture, florals, and, of course, a farmhouse kitchen table.

3. Human-Focused Appliances

Of course, while rustic is in, people are still prioritizing practicality and self-sufficiency when it comes to appliances. This means large range ovens for baking all of that banana bread. It also means high-quality and human-focused appliances such as the innovative fridges offered by the New Zealand designer Fisher Paykel, which uses microsensors to automatically adjust its internal settings to keep all of your food fresh for as long as possible. Rather than flashy and overpriced showpiece appliances, the new trend is towards appliances that make living well as easy as possible.

4. Rounded Furniture Trends

Oftentimes, comfort and safety are by the visual environment, as well as the physical. This is the driving philosophy behind the rise of rounded furniture in homes. Think rounded dining chairs, curved reading nooks, and knotty wood surfaces on rounded dining tables.

When it comes to furniture color trends, people are leaning towards rounded wooden furniture in simple. For example, rustic colors such as raw wood and light creams, and eggshell whites. Rounded furniture is a way of smoothing out those rough edges and ensuring the home feels safe and secure.

Make Sure Your House is a Home in 2021

Now that you know the furniture trends that will define 2021 and beyond, it is time to invest in a home that provides the comfort, space, and safety that you deserve. Our beautiful and bespoke homes in Tampa Bay are built with the homeowner in mind. Do not hesitate to give us a call to find out more about the luxury homes on offer today.