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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Options for Your Custom Home

About 7 million single-family homes were built in the last ten years and nearly 1.53 million of those were custom homes.

Have you already tried house-shopping, but were unsatisfied? You’ve seen beautiful homes, but you haven’t seen a home that you want to live in yet. Maybe it’s because your future home has not been built yet.

By building a custom home, you can personalize your home and make it the house of your dreams.

However, a lot of work and planning goes into building your custom home. To get started, here are five tips for choosing the best custom home options for you.

1. Stay Organized

It goes without saying, but customizing a home is a huge project. One tip to stay organized is to keep all your custom home options in a big binder.

You can divide your options between structural changes and finish options. Structural changes would include new home construction options such as the number of bedrooms or the location of them.

Finish options would include things that are easier to change down the line such as countertops or lighting fixtures.

2. Focus on What You Need in a Home

When trying to stick to your home’s budget, consider what you need in your future home first. In your binder, write out what you absolutely need, what you want, and what would be nice to have but not necessary.

For example, if you love cooking, you can write that you need a large kitchen. If you’re unsure about the use of an office, you can write that in for “would be nice to have”.

3. Choose What You Love Rather Than Trendy

Maybe it looks good and trendy to paint your interior a popular color today, but will it look as trendy five or ten years from now?

Trends such as paint colors come and go. For example, light brown tones such as latte were popular in the 2000s while grey dominated in the 2010s.

Instead of following what you think you should choose because it is trendy, choose what you love and personalize your home. This is the home that you will spend years, possibly decades in, so you want it to reflect your interests. If you love reading, customize your home with built-in bookshelves or create a library in your home office.

4. See Examples of Home Options

If you’re unsure how a paint color would look or flooring options, make sure to visit model homes to see how certain home options look like. Maybe you thought you wanted dark hardwood floors, but then you see it in a home and decide to choose a brighter color instead.

5. Consider Resale Value

When choosing your new home options, another consideration is what will boost resale value in the future.

First-time homeowners consider a modern or updated kitchen as one of the top coveted home features when they are shopping for new homes. Another aspect of a home that home buyers look for is energy efficiency.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Custom Home Options

With the right planning, you can decide on the custom home options of your choice and build your dream home. At New Legacy Homes, we can work with you to personalize your future home.

Contact us to learn more about custom home options and start designing your future home today.