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How Long Does It Take to Build a Semi Custom Home in Tampa?

Have you ever dreamed of building your own home? The home building process can come with its challenges.

That is why a lot of people consider building a semi-custom home!

A semi-custom home allows you the freedom to build a home you love without as much hassle.

The big question becomes, how long does building a semi-custom home take?

Rule Of Thumb

Building even a semi-custom built house takes time. As a general rule of thumb, building a semi-custom build house takes roughly six months.

You need to take into consideration what stage of building the houses are in as well. If the company has only just started developing the land and working on the construction, the build time will be longer. Even if the other details are already predetermined.

Semi-Custom Home Building Season

Have you ever considered that the time of year you are planning on building your home may be affecting how long it takes to complete the project? Here are the timelines to consider.

April through June is one of the best times for builders. Springtime there are more daylight hours. By starting around April, construction can start sooner and end later.

May through August is one of the slowest times for real-estate.

July through September is the best time to remodel the indoors of your current home.

The heat, the sun, and the ever-looming school year put a pause on the exterior remodels and people turn their attentions to indoor work.

One of the best ways you can ensure your new home is ready for the summer months is by installing the right energy-efficient systems. One of the systems that can be the most effective is Carrier for HVAC.

The Power Is In The Details

You will need to look at appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. The best appliances for energy efficiency are Fisher & Paykel.

Energy-efficient appliances not only help with greenhouse emissions but will also affect how much money you will save on your appliances and your custom home.

You can read more about owning an energy star home here. 

Also, if you choose hard-to-find items or design elements, the shipment or installation times could increase. So while you choosing details understand that all those details will increase the build time of your semi-custom home.

What Can Slow You Down

Semi-custom homes are unique because you can pick out all of the design elements of your home. You pick the home layout you would like, then all of the design elements such as color and finishes.

When you have chosen the finishes and then continuously change the details, the build time on your home increases significantly. Sometimes these changes include placing new orders or new pieces that must be installed.

New Legacy Homes!

New Legacy homes have built thousands of semi-custom homes. They understand what ensures that building your home is an enjoyable process.

If you want to ensure that when you build your semi-custom home, it is done in an efficient and detailed manner, contact New Legacy Homes.