Building a Custom Home In Tampa: Tips for Creating a Backyard Oasis

Building your dream home is an exciting process, and one of the biggest trends to surface during the pandemic is the importance of a functional backyard. Your backyard is an extension of your home, and it has become a must-have feature when building a custom home in Tampa – especially with our year-round subtropical climate.

Today’s backyards can be a place to entertain guests, enjoy a cookout with family, or relax with a good book or podcast. So, how will you design your custom home’s backyard? Do you want a pool? A fire pit? A complete outdoor kitchen? Maybe a garden? Here are some tips for creating the perfect backyard oasis for your new custom home in Tampa.

Define your space.

When customizing your home backyard, the first step is defining your space. Knowing how much room you have to work with and what the shape of the area looks like is key in creating a dream outdoor oasis custom-fit to your needs. Whether you are looking to spruce up a yard that currently exists or hoping to start from scratch with a completely new landscape, this first step is critical for success.

Choose your materials.

When customizing your home’s backyard space, deciding on the type of materials to use is a significant decision. Whether you’re looking for decking that won’t require frequent maintenance, fencing that adds privacy and beauty to your garden, or even easy-to-assemble materials for a smaller section of your yard, choosing the suitable materials will make all the difference in creating a custom space you love. With careful consideration of what type of outdoor experience you would like to cultivate and some research into the best materials suited for that purpose, you can achieve the custom backyard oasis of your dreams.

Consider your priorities.

Before digging into any custom home backyard plans, determine your priorities. Do you want a pool and spa? How about a complete outdoor kitchen for entertaining friends and family or private seating areas for quiet time? What about a workout area? Many homeowners prefer an outdoor gym at home instead of joining a club.

Whatever you choose, start with a budget and stick with it. Doing this will help guide your decision-making process and ensure you have a custom home backyard you can be genuinely proud of without breaking the bank.

Get creative with plants.

Plants can give the area the perfect finishing touch. Plan by selecting colors and varieties of flowers, shrubs, and trees that complement your house’s architecture and look great in any season. A pop of color from vibrant summer blooms or a shady corner with verdant shrubs will make your outdoor area look unique and inviting.

Don’t forget the details.

Don’t forget the little details if you are customizing the perfect backyard oasis. Add a water fountain or birdbath to bring your outdoor paradise to life. It’ll be the perfect finishing touch for any custom home, backyard, or garden.

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