Josh & Katie Chose New Legacy Homes for Their New Home

A special thanks to Josh & Katie for choosing New Legacy Homes to build their new Davis Islands custom home. The original article appeared in the Life On Davis Islands publication, August 2018 edition. Continue to read about why they chose New Legacy Homes.

MEET Josh & Katie!

For many people, the quest to find a place to call home ends with building a dream house on a plot of land they call their own, and for the Podolsky family, that dream home was built on a piece of land here on Davis Islands. After 10 years of living on and off Davis Islands, Josh and Katie have finally moved. “We were blessed when a neighbor of ours in South Tampa told us about the lot in January 2017. We knew right away from the grand oak in the front yard. Plus, the oversized lot would fit the home we always wanted to build for our children.” The family has been able to enjoy that home since they moved, 2018.

About the Family when They Chose New Legacy Homes

But before they found the perfect Davis Islands spot to build their dream home, Josh and Katie truly immersed themselves in the community. They did this through sports, school, and through charitable organizations. They are fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Tampa Bay Rays. Their kids, Georgia and Gunnar, attend Seaborn Day School on Davis Islands. They play soccer, are regulars at Roy Jenkins Pool, and will be playing tee-ball this fall. The Podolskys also take part in local charities and nonprofits.

“We teamed up with Gasparilla Music Festival a couple of years ago to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay,” Josh noted. “We also helped create a scholarship my firm for club kids interested in a career in law or law enforcement.” “We also support High Risk Hope,” said Katie, which is “a non-profit benefiting families associated with high risk pregnancies that was formed by a high school friend of Josh’s, Heather Barrow.” Josh also serves as a member of the University Board of Fellows after graduating from there in 2001.

At home, Katie is the undisputed “General Manager of the Podolsky Family,” and also doubles as a free-lance photographer. Josh is a partner in the business practice group at the law firm of Phelps Dunbar LLP. He has devoted his 15-year-long career advising a variety of different clients, including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, certified public accoun-tants, financial institutions, brokers, and residential home builders. And when it came time for this family to finally build their dream home, it was one of Josh’s clients that stepped up to build it: New Legacy Homes.

Their Dream

Josh and Katie’s dream began to build momentum in April 2017. This is when they met with the lot’s former owners at Davis Islands Coffee Bar to discuss the plans. “We promised to keep the tree in the front yard,” Katie recalle. “To build a family home in which to raise our kids, and to honor the former resident and long-time islander, Marilyn Rash, and her husband. This couple lived there for thirty-eight years.” New Legacy Homes completed the dream home in late-May, and within a week after Memorial Day, Katie had them com-pletely moved in. Josh and Katie found their love for Davis Islands way before the house was built, and it instilled their desire to build their dream home here.

“We love the close-nit atmosphere we have with many of our former and new neighbors,” Katie explained. “In addition, we also enjoy the convenience of being close to Downtown. We especially enjoy the winding streets we can take the kids on to allow them to play outside.” Now, this young and growing family can enjoy all of the reasons they love this neighborhood from the comfort of their dream home.

Chose New Legacy Homes

“We love spending time on the front porch,” Katie said. “The kids love the swings and riding bikes up and down the long driveway. We want to thank Marilyn’s family for believing in us. We also thank our build-er, New Legacy Homes, for doing such a great job making our dream reality. If you happen to drive by, please stop by and say hello or wave. Our kids enjoy the company, and it’s the way Marilyn would have wanted it!”