Luxury Home Decor Tips That You Should Know

So you’re finally moving into your new luxury home. How are you going to decorate it? You’re going to need to make some serious upgrades to the styles that you used in your old home if you want to match the “luxury vibe.”

You want to continue that luxurious feeling by incorporating great luxury home decor, but how do you do that? We want to help by providing some inspiration.

Keep reading for our quick luxury home decor guide so you’re ready for your next shopping trip.

First: Minimalist or Maximalist?

When many people think of luxury homes, they think of a modern and minimalist style. While this is definitely valid if it’s what you like, it’s not necessary for your home.

You get to decide if the minimalist vibe is right for you.

You also have the option of going “maximalist.” It’s the opposite of minimalist. It means that you’re incorporating as many (carefully curated) items as possible to make your home feel lived-in and unique.

Minimalist homes tend to seem more “clean and modern” while maximalist homes are “vintage and kitschy.” Start looking at examples of each style to determine which one is right for you.

Greenery Is In

Adding plants to your home is an easy way to make it feel more luxurious. Many millennials have chosen indoor gardening as their “pandemic hobby” and the trend is still continuing now.

Plants are great for your luxury home decor. Greenery is a nice contrast to both minimalist and “cold” items as well as the extravagance of maximalist clutter. Keeping indoor plants is also great for your mental health.

Add a few plants to your kitchen and living room for a fresh pop of color.

Incorporating Metal Details

Metal details are officially “in” in 2021.

If you’re aiming for a luxury look, it’s a good idea to stick with one metal tone per room. Mixing metals can be stylish, but if you’re new to home decor, it’s best to keep it simple.

For the past few years, rose gold has been the metal of choice. That said, if you’d rather opt for cooler colors, the classic silver and chrome look never goes out of style.

Look at the metal details that your home has built-in already, like doorknobs, luxury appliances, and plumbing. Match them for an easy and well-put-together look.

One-of-a-Kind Items

If you want to decorate the right way, you want to find some unique statement items. There’s something to be said about affordable and mass-produced items for convenience, but having one unique piece to “draw the eye” is crucial for good home design.

You don’t have to splurge. We suggest going to local antique or secondhand stores to find something that speaks to you. Vintage items are always going to be more unique than modern ones.

Try These Luxury Home Decor Tips

If you want your home to feel luxurious, these luxury home decor tips will help. Luxury home decor isn’t as hard as it looks. You can have a beautiful home just by incorporating a few small details!

Start searching the web for your perfect luxury home ideas so you can put together your perfect space.

At New Legacy Homes, we understand luxury. If you’re interested in your own custom luxury home, we want to talk to you! Contact us to get started on your dream home today.