Eco Friendly Luxury Home Features

Building a new home gives you the chance to build something life-changing.

There are so many big decisions that you have to make when building a home. Chief among them should be which eco-friendly amenities to prioritize. There are dozens of ways to lower your home’s carbon footprint, which not only helps the planet in the fight against climate change but also lowers your bills while making your home more luxurious.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at a few of the best eco friendly features that you’ll have the option of adding to your luxury home.

eco friendly luxury homes

Solar Power

Clearly, one of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is by installing solar panels on your roof. The sun is our greatest renewable energy source, so harnessing its power is a no-brainer if you can afford it.

The price of solar has come down significantly, which means it only takes a few years to break even on your investment. Between the tax breaks, incentives, and lowered energy bills, you’re going to be making money in no time. Not to mention, you’ll be doing the planet a huge favor.

New builds are the easiest time to install solar, so consider this as a major upgrade on your new luxury home.


Install low-flow showerheads and toilets in your bathrooms to help conserve water. This is a major issue in US households, with the average person using somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 gallons per day, most of that going down the drain.

Wastewater requires processing, which is a process that utilizes fossil fuels. Thus, the less water you’re sending down the drain or toilet, the greener you’ll be. Again, you’ll also save on your water bill with low-flow plumbing.

Sustainable Lighting

One great way to lower your energy usage, whether you’ve got solar panels or not, is to take better care to turn lights off when you’re not using them. You can also install sustainable lighting in your home by switching to LED lighting, which consumes around 80% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Part of the convenience of modern life in luxury homes is that we get to use appliances to do clothes cleaning, dishwashing, refrigerating, etc. The problem with most appliances is that they use up a massive amount of energy, ask anyone with a solar panel where a big chunk of that generated energy goes.

Fortunately, there’s a way to combat this without sacrificing any convenience and that is to only buy Energy Star certified appliances.  When you work with New Legacy Homes, you can rest assured that your home will be built with the most energy-efficient appliances available. As an eco-conscious company, we take energy efficiency seriously and that starts with your appliances.

Start Building Your Eco Friendly Luxury Home Today

You don’t have to sacrifice any luxury to make your home eco friendly. The cost of installing things like solar panels and Energy Star appliances is quickly negated by the money you save on your bills by using them. Your eco friendly dream home awaits, so contact us at New Legacy Homes to start discussing your options today.