Some Design Trends For Custom Homes

Did you know that new residential construction is on the rise this year? With many homeowners looking to move, the real estate market has been strong and shows no signs of stopping. This makes it a great time to invest in a new home.

Are you ready to turn your beautiful custom-built home ideas into a reality? If you’ve been dreaming about design, it’s important to research popular design trends first. Check out these top picks for custom homes here.

custom home design trends

Design Inspired by Nature

Many designers are incorporating Mother Nature into the design scheme with nature-inspired prints, rattan, and other earthy elements. You can bring the outdoors in by decorating with plants and natural textures. Or use fabric that has a natural botanical or floral print to add a dash of the trend to your furniture, bedding, or towels.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Speaking of the great outdoors, now more than ever homeowners are spending lots of time in their backyards and have created living room spaces al fresco. Structures like pergolas, tents, and patio coverings help make them usable year-round. It’s popular to use a fire bowl or fire pit as the focal point to group furniture around to create a warm and inviting place that encourages hanging out.

Bold Color and Texture

Gone are the days when muted neutrals were king. That reign is over and it has been usurped by bold colors and eye-catching textures. They are being used in everything from wallpaper to kitchen backsplashes and can add a lot of character to a home.

Eco-friendly Design Trends

Another hot trend in the industry right now is eco-friendly home design. The use of organic materials and sustainable technology is on the rise making it easy to go green in your home. From building a recycling station to using low-flow toilets, there are so many options to include in your design that will make your home fun and functional.

Show-stopping Kitchens

It’s no secret that the kitchen is often the heart of a home and the unofficial best place to gather. So why not make it the star with a show-stopping chef’s kitchen with luxe finishes and top-of-the-line appliances? And you can choose Energy Star appliances that are not only good for the environment but can help save you money thanks to their efficiency, too.

Ready To Create the Perfect Custom Home?

Now that you’ve learned about the top design trends in the industry, you can incorporate your favorites into your new custom home. Whether you add a showstopping kitchen or outdoor living room, there’s plenty of unique ideas to choose from. And there’s always the potential to make any of these choices eco-friendly, too.

New Legacy Homes can help build the best new custom house for your lifestyle and budget. If you are ready to take the first step in a home-building journey, contact us here. Our hands-on approach and ownership experience of over 65 years in the industry make us a  home builder that you can trust.