The Top 5 Reasons Why the Best Luxury Home Is an ENERGY STAR Home

If you’re looking to build a luxury home, you should build an ENERGY STAR-certified home. ENERGY STAR homes take luxury to the next level, adding an added touch of class while saving you money.

ENERGY STAR homes in Tampa are suited for the humid subtropical climate of the area.

Here’s why you need to look at ENERGY STAR homes in South Tampa.

1. ENERGY STAR Homes Can Be Smart Homes

A luxury home can also be a smart home with the latest in connected technology.

Smart technology can heat or cool specific rooms at certain times of day, ensuring that you are only heating or cooling the rooms you are using when you are using them.

Lights can be programmed to be adjusted and dimmed or turned on and off when someone enters or exits the room.

Building an ENERGY STAR-certified home or buying an existing home doesn’t mean you can’t have smart tech in your home.

2. Efficient, Beautiful LED Lighting

LED lighting uses energy-efficient bulbs. These bulbs use less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent lights.

LED lighting comes in various colors and can be programmed to set the mood for each room. Some can even be controlled remotely via smartphone apps.

3. Luxury Housing Without the High Cost of Utilities

An energy-efficient home will cost less to operate on a square foot per square foot basis. Some of that is due to smart home technology, but the rest is due to proper insulation and energy-efficient window installation.

4. Eco-Friendly, Feel Good Luxury Homes

A well-built, well-insulated home means fewer drafts. Your luxury home will be quieter and more comfortable.

And with an environmentally friendly home, you will feel good about having a space of your own that minimizes its impact on the local environment.

5. ENERGY STAR Homes Are Resellable

Energy-efficient homes are also resellable. New homeowners are increasingly conscious about purchasing homes with lower operating costs. ENERGY STAR luxury homes are in demand, so you will have a house with resale value.

30% of homeowners say their monthly utility costs are expensive. But yours don’t have to be, and if you decide to sell, your home will have an advantage while on the market.

Are You Ready to Move Into Your New Luxury Home?

The best luxury home is an ENERGY STAR home. An ENERGY STAR home is going to offer you long-term savings, ensuring you can get the most enjoyment out of your luxury home without paying a premium each month for utilities.

If you’re looking for South Tampa home builders or want to check out an existing inventory of luxury homes, New Legacy Homes can help.

We use our combined experience of 65+ years in the homebuilding industry to build state-of-the-art luxury homes ENERGY STAR certified, with the latest in energy-saving and secure smart home technology.

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