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Modern vs. Contemporary Style: Key Differences, Explained

Research shows that more home buyers are looking for multigenerational homes. In other words, they are looking for a space they can design and refresh for the long haul. Continue reading about modern vs. contemporary style.

Contemporary style is at the forefront with South Tampa new homes. More and more people want to incorporate aspects of contemporary and modern home style into their design.

We will talk about the difference between modern and contemporary style, as well as ways to innovate your home design with either style.

The History of Modern Design

Modern design came about in the early 20th century. Before that time, architecture had many details and full of frills.

A lot changed in the 20th century, particularly the pace of life. People suddenly wanted to come home to a clean space with room to air out.

Designers responded to the changing times by creating designs that reflected the home’s surrounding environment. Homes in South Tampa reflected the lush, warm setting they were built in.

Warm neutrals flowed with the greens and earthy tones one might find in their neighborhood. People felt they could exist outside the noise and bustle of the industrial world.

Some modernists included Philip Johnson, Charles Eames, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Mies was considered a patriarch of modernism, taking the design to a global scale. He was known for his “less is more” mantra.

Features of Modern Design

Modern design had a clear aesthetic and function.

Modernist architects would take away anything too fussy or cluttered.

Long panels of windows could showcase the open and functional feel of the space. The lines between indoors and outdoors were less defined.

Modernists liked to use horizontal composition and expansive floor plans to highlight crisp lines and a feeling of balance. Form and function came together for a simple look.

One aspect of modern design has come back around: mid-century modern pieces streamline a space.

Modern style pieces can even be a part of your contemporary design. You can have statement lighting, a long piece of furniture, and a floor lamp for multiple areas of focus in one room, unlike the singular focus from the modern home style.

The History of Contemporary Design

Unlike modern design, contemporary design is not one single aesthetic. The contemporary design did not originate from one specific period or place.

When affluent homes moved toward sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, home design became a unique creative challenge.

Blending in with nature was no longer enough- home features had to work with the elements.

While contemporary looks may come from aspects of modernism, they also can incorporate more recent styles like minimalism, industrial materials, etc.

Examples of prominent contemporary designers are Jean-Louis Denniot, Santiago Calatrava, and Hiroshi Nakamura (check out his optical glass house).

What is Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary style is a culmination of elements from the past century. The aesthetic is more fluid than modernism.

Contemporary homes in South Tampa don’t fight the progressive nature of innovation. Homes often refresh their look over time using multiple sources of inspiration.

The desire to match popular looks as they come can result in a complex space full of levels.

You can have a clean look in your home and still create multiple focal points with contemporary home design.

Finding Your Dream Home

South Tampa home builders can look forward to the endless options stemming from modern or contemporary design.

Whether you decide on new construction South Tampa living or want to customize an existing home, you can use the best from modern design and contemporary style.

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