Energy Efficiency concept on the gearwheels, 3D rendering

Understanding Energy Star Construction

You probably have a few Energy Star-rated appliances in your home, but did you know you can turn your entire house into an Energy Star certified home? When you’re making choices about the features for your New Legacy house, approach those decisions with energy efficiency in mind. 

Energy Star certification is different than building a “green” home. The focus is on energy efficiency, not sustainable materials. For instance, if you want a newly-constructed home that reduces energy consumption, an Energy Star construction can earn your house a “blue” home rating—while lowering your energy bills!

What is an Energy Star Certified Home?

The Energy Star program can certify your home if the construction meets strict criteria. The certification applies to new residential construction, and it’s an excellent way to have the home of your dreams while reducing the amount of energy your home consumes every day. 

How Does My Home Qualify? 

It starts with the design of your home. From the very beginning, your New Legacy team plans every detail of your floorplan and materials to meet Energy Star standards. Your new home needs:

  • A complete thermal enclosure system that keeps the elements out and your controlled interior temperature inside. This includes comprehensive air sealing, high-performance windows, and properly installed insulation. The components of this system work together to improve durability, enhance comfort, reduce utility bills, and minimize maintenance costs.
  • A complete heating and cooling system that includes a high-efficiency system designed to deliver better moisture control, more comfort, and improved indoor air quality.
  • A complete water management system that protects roofs, foundations, and walls from water damage. The system must also reduce the risk of indoor air quality problems.
  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances throughout the home. These should be Energy Star rated appliances, light fixtures, and ceiling fans to reduce energy consumption.

A whole-house approach to being energy-efficient takes place from top to bottom! Your New Legacy build team can help you choose the features throughout your house to meet these standards. 

How Does My House Receive Certification?

To receive the Energy Star Certification for your home, the house needs to pass an inspection and receive third−party verification by an Energy Rating Company. However, there’s no need to go through the full construction process, then hope that your home can receive the certification. 

Your New Legacy build team can work closely with an Energy Rating Company throughout the design and build process. We do this to make sure your home meets all of the qualifications for certification. In fact, from start to finish, we plan every detail of your home with that “Energy Star Blue” label in mind. 

Energy Star Construction is Smart Luxury!

The smart way to build a home is with energy savings in mind. While it’s not all about the blue label, Energy Star construction is the best way to create your dream home while reducing energy consumption and lowering your utility bills. 

Lastly, at New Legacy Homes, we focus on innovation. We’re your ideal partner to construct an Energy Star certified home with smart home features. Above all,  contact us to get started on your new home!