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Ultimate Kitchen Upgrade: 6 Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

If you are considering a kitchen upgrade, you can’t beat a kitchen island. No matter how big or small your kitchen may be, there is an island option for you. From mobile islands to large islands that can replace your dining table, an island transforms your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally. Here are the 6 biggest benefits of having a great kitchen island.

1. More Storage Space

You can’t go past the extra storage space you get with a kitchen island, especially if your current kitchen has very little. When you build a kitchen island, you can get very creative with island design and storage space. You can build cabinets and shelves underneath and above the island. You can also build customized storage space, mug holders, wine racks, and utensils, and crockery holders.

2. A New Workstation

If you have a small kitchen, adding an island will give you much needed extra bench space. Even if you have a large enough kitchen, we can always do with a little more workspace.

However, an island really comes into its own for advanced cooks. If you specialize in a specific type of cooking, you can design the island to be a specialty workstation. You can add a prep station, sinks, built-in cutting boards, knife sharpeners. Or you can build a baking area with an oven and built-in cooling racks, along with other baking appliances.

3. Additional Appliances and Outlets

Speaking of appliances, if you wished your kitchen had enough room for that espresso machine you have been desperate to buy, a kitchen island is your solution. You can connect your island to electricity, gas, and plumbing, adding endless versatility to your kitchen.

Adding a place to hook up your slow cooker or kitchen maid makes cooking in your kitchen so much more enjoyable. But, you can also install your larger appliances, such as a dishwasher underneath the island or a bar fridge.

4. More Seating

Many kitchens lack much or any seating at all. Kitchens are no longer just workplaces. They are the heart of a modern home. An island offers a place for family and friends to sit whilst meals are being prepared.

An island is also a great place for kids to do homework whilst parents prepare meals. Or where you can teach your kids how to cook and allow them to be involved in the process.

5. Style

Aside from functional benefits, a kitchen island adds style to your home. When undertaking a kitchen upgrade, adding an island lets you add your own style and gives your guests something interesting to enjoy. You can express your personality in your kitchen island ideas, choosing your materials but also displaying your favorite cookbooks, artworks, and family photos and memories.

6. Increase Your Home Value

Adding a kitchen island will make your kitchen truly yours. But, adding an island has the added benefit of increasing the value of your home. Homeowners can expect to recoup 56% of the cost of their kitchen remodel in increased home value.

Your Kitchen Upgrade

If your kitchen has issues with storage or function, adding a kitchen island is a perfect solution. A kitchen upgrade with an island will bring you plenty of benefits, both aesthetic and functional, and you can expect to recoup about half the cost in increased value in your home.

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