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5 Smart Home Technology Features Your Tampa Luxury Home Needs

The luxury home market is changing.  Buyers are now attracted to qualities like cost and energy-efficient features as well as smart home technology. Tampa luxury homes come with a wide variety of modern tech that makes life better. Learn about high tech home features to include in your Tampa home. Continue reading about high tech home features.

1. Switches and Dimmers

Lutron Caseta smart home switches are great energy solutions for your high tech Tampa home.  They offer smart home light controls occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and dimmers which will save energy and save you more money.

Lutron’s occupancy sensors trigger the lights when you walk into a room and turn off when you leave.  It may not seem like a huge difference but you can save up to 30% of lighting energy when you use these.

If you rooms where you tend to leave the lights on, like a child’s room or bathroom, these smart home solutions can help you stay efficient.

2. Automated Shades

Overheating can overheat a room easily especially in summer, which is why automated, motorized shades can be a good investment for you.

Energy-efficient shades are another great smart home solution.  They have both a luxury aesthetic quality and great utility since they’re energy savers.

Smart home shades are a good solution for any Tampa resident looking for heat and sunlight control solutions.  The reality is that Tampa can be hot, but you can reduce your cooling costs by 10-30% just by using Lutron’s automated shades.

Easy control is also possible with these shades. The newest features of Lutron’s Serena Smart Shades include Google Assistant integration.  Shades can also be controlled from the Lutron App on your mobile or desktop devices.

They also have various other benefits like increased security, privacy, and surface or furnishing protection from UV rays.

Customization is also possible with Lutron’s shades.  Honeycomb style shades come in 100 different fabric colors and textures.  Roller style shades are also available with over 75 different fabric and texture options.

3. High Tech Home Security Systems

With every high tech home, comes a high tech security system. Here at New Legacy Homes, we use Secure Pro in our newly constructed homes. In fact, the security system we install the most is called 2GIG. 

2GIG is highly advanced and has many features to make you and your’s feel safe. For example, some key benefits of 2GIG include encrypted sensors, front firing speaker, and two-way voice control. 
What’s special about 2GIG is that it can be fully integrated into the ELAN Automation platform you use. It’s known to be the most intuitive home control system in the industry. 

4. Electric Fireplace

Yes, Tampa is hot.  However, think about those cooler days and nights in the winter?  While heating may not be your top concern, an electric fireplace can be the perfect space heater.

Instead of heating the whole house, you may just want to heat one room or part of the house which is what electric fireplaces do well.

Besides utility, electric fireplaces are elegant fixtures that sit on your wall.  This can be the perfect picture of luxury.  Providers like Modern Flames also have a variety of fireplace styles and shapes to fit your personal interior style.

5. Smart Thermostat

If the idea of having a fireplace in Tampa just isn’t your speed, consider a smart thermostat.  Ecobee’s thermostats are among the best of this smart home device category.

Not only will an Ecobee thermostat keep you comfortable, but it can save you up 23% on energy costs annually.  Ultimately, it reduces strain on electrical grids.

Since humidity can particularly be a bother in Tampa, Ecobee is a good investment for staying comfortable on those humid days.

With Ecobee’s SmartSensor, you can also place sensors around the home to manage hot or cold spots and control everything via your mobile device.

If you’re wondering about Ecobee’s compatibility with your HVAC system, know that the latest models support most common HVAC accessories.  These include ventilators, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

High-Tech Homes: Luxury by Design

Luxury is comfort and all these devices are designed to give you just that.  With today’s innovations, high-tech homes don’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

Since the luxury home market is starting to embrace more environmentally friendly features, there’s even more reason to invest in them.

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